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No.sort icon Toy name Year
UFO Robo Grendizer 2004
Great Mazinger 2004
Mazinger Z 2004
Astroider 1983
Govarian 1983
VF-17S Stealth Valkyrie 1995
VF-17D Stealth Valkyrie 1995
Fire Valkyrie 1995
Blazer Valkyrie 1995
Victory Robo 2004
DX Dodekabutack 2004
Lionbot 1998
Trans-Jets 1998
Robot-Car 1984
Fire Engine Bot 2000
Dairugger XV
Turbo Rugger 1989
Turbo Robo 1989
Evangelion Unit 00 1995
Optimus Prime 2001
RV Robo 1996
Gaiking 2000
Gundam Airmaster 2001
Jumbo Grade Gundan 2002
Gundam X 2001
Grande Astro Robot 1982
Super Robot
Super Dragun
Super Robot
Mini Robot
Cosmos 2000
Giant Gorg
Lionbot 1985
Super Robot Car
Dairugger XV
Space Puzzle Fighters 1985
Dangard Ace
Great Mazinger
King of the King
Dairugger XV
LSA Combo 2000
Aphrodai A
Giant Robo
Daitetsujin 17
Mazinger Z
Robo Kress
Space Hero
Big Frankie
Mazinger Z
Jet Icarus
Boss Borot
Invincible Robot Gobarian 1984
Albegas 1983
Robot King 2008
Monster King 2008
Dangard Ace
Kimpo Warrior
Mazinger Z
King of the Jungle
VF-1J Macross Valkyrie 1982
Space Soldier
Plush Super Robot
Super Hero
King Kong
VF-1J Valkyrie Bootleg
Build Tiger / J Decker 2008
Space Hero
Rocky Robot
Creature From The Black Lagoon
King Kong
Gun Shoots Robot
VF-1S Valkyrie
Wild Force Chariot 2008
Gaiking 1976
Spider-Man 2008
Morphbot 2008
Combattler V
Space Robot
Bumblebee 2009
Trans Jets Giant
King Man 1994
Mazinger Z
Motortron 1985
Super Phantom X Robot
King Dam
Robot Lilliput
Dairugger XV
Transformable Tomas 2010
Laser Cycle 1985
Combat Hero 2009
Robot Desk Set
Nikick 1984
Saladin 1984
Dairugger XV 2011
Billbine 1983
Ducktimus Prime 2011
Air Fighter
Air Force
Transformable Robot Masters 2011
Super Macross Robots VT-1 SD 1987
Porsche 928 S
Earth Patron Saint 2011
Combat King 2011
Space Patrol Unit Alpha
Multi Robot
Fresh Dinobot
Transformer 5-in-1 Future Lion 2002
Mazinger Z
Robosaur Brontosaurus 1985
Robot Fighter Aircraft
Wind-Up Color T.V.
Bootleg VF1J Armored Battroid 1988
AV-98 Ingram
Flash King
1 in 5 Convertible Robot
Fortress Maximus
Bat Robot
Cigarette Box Super Robots
Warrior Voltron
Super Change Robot 2014
Stormtrooper 2-pack 2013
Lady Bug Robot
Mosquito Bot
Orguss Orgroid II 1984
Quick Change Locust Bot
Robot Defender
Krang 2013
Transformer Sixliner
Interchange Container Robot
Scramble Dash 2014
Alpha Trons 2014
Strongest Warrior 2015
KO Landcross
Gazette 1984
Devastator Knock Off
Gelgoog Eraser
Apollo 17 in 1
Sun Warriors Uranus 5 Changes
Warrior Vehicle Voltron
Dairugger XV
Dairugger XV Mechagold KO
Heroes of Cybertron 2004
Penbot (Bootleg)
Firenado 2016
G2 Bruticus 2016
Blitzwing 2018
Gats Blocker 2016
Sixbuilder KO 2017
Liokaiser 2016
Mammoth Ranger 1993
KO Abominus 2001
Skids 2016
KO Oversized seeker 2017
Defensor 2017
Creatures from the Stars 1989
Camera Bots
Robot Car 1984
Robotic Jet 1985
Camera-Robo 1984
Sasuraiger 1985
Raideen Watch
Raideen Kankan Ball Card Set 1975
#1 Tyuannosaurus
1042 Irongear 1983
GA-01 Mazinger Z 2000
M-1910 Browning 2013
MR-08 Buggy Robo 1983
MR-13 Patrol Car Robo 1983
MRG Devil Satan 6 1986
SB-02 Schoolbot 1985
SB-03 Schoolbot Nikick 1985
T.T. 1034 Daitarn 3 1984
VA-190-101 Teambot 1985

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