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Mazinger Z


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It's like the illegitemate

It's like the illegitemate love child of Mazinger and Big O...

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Posted by RobotBastard on 15 July, 2008 - 13:48
That's exactly what I was

That's exactly what I was going to say.

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Posted by Mike on 15 July, 2008 - 14:35
Mexzinger Z

What a great boot! I love the head sculpt and clear glass bubble head, very creative it must be insanely impossible to get a complete toy!


We'll fight them on the Beaches!

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Posted by Showapop on 15 July, 2008 - 14:39

Again, Nekrodave's bootleg review is a sight for a sore eyes. Where do you got these things.

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Posted by Berserk on 15 July, 2008 - 19:51
Man, I wonder if these guys

Man, I wonder if these guys ever get caught for doing these boots.

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Posted by Decade010 on 8 August, 2008 - 19:14