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You've gotta love your kitsch

I actually acquired a 5-pack of these guys a while back that included Menasor, Devastator, Superion, Bruticus,& Defensor. Everything you say about this kit is absolutely, 100% true, but I can't help that these guys have a place on my shelf anyway. They complement my WST Transformers nicely. Mold-wise, they're actually pretty faithful, & if you get the Reprolabels for Devastator & Superion, they actually look much, much better. But yeah, the transformations-- if existing at all-- are really janky. Look, but don't touch :-)

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Posted by zonkers on 21 June, 2014 - 13:21
I've seen these a lot. You

I've seen these a lot. You can never find a Menasor bootleg without his regular limbs.

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Posted by YUMpoison on 21 June, 2014 - 20:19
I found a freighterpan in the

I found a freighterpan in the same packaging in about 2011 where the limbs have more functionality! They all transform the same as the G1 except breakdown and drag strips legs don't extend. Other than that, same packaging! In about 2013 I found the one you reviewed here too!

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Posted by quinncat on 23 September, 2017 - 22:12