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Ducktimus Prime


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Ducktimus Prime

Can't really agree with the appraisal of the original Disney Transformers.

While this is clearly a toy, the originals are really transforming novelties for your desk or shelf. I have all three molds (including Buzz Lightyear) , please shed no tears for me, and they are admittedly not the most posable figures in the world or come with any accessories (unless you count the Buzz headmaster) but they are fun and a totally unexpected blend between the TF universe and Disney.

The overall plastic quality is good and the Bumblebee/Donald Duck is far far superior and complex in transformation to this KO. this is also a totally err 'unique' head - the Donald Duck bumblebee head is totally different, has a button to move the beak and a spring loaded Donald rider to pop out of his head. I was hoping for a Goofy Ironhide actually but i think Takara are turning their weird transformers attention to Hello Kitty now.

I would say this is the waste of time

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Posted by Octopus Nine on 1 December, 2011 - 15:47