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Alien is a 1979 science-fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, featuring creature designs by H. R. Giger


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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Alien (Big Chap) Alien (Big Chap) Action Figure, Monsters 2009
Aliens Power Loader & Ripley Aliens Power Loader & Ripley Action Figure, Character Toy 1992
Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusive Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusive Action Figure 2013
Aliens: Armored Personal Carrier (APC) Aliens: Armored Personal Carrier (APC) Vehicle 2004
NECA Alien Warrior NECA Alien Warrior Action Figure 2013
NECA Aliens Series Hicks NECA Aliens Series Hicks Action Figure 2013
NECA Aliens Series Hudson NECA Aliens Series Hudson Action Figure 2013
Alien Alien Action Figure 2013
Ash Ash Action Figure 2013
Dallas Dallas Action Figure 2013
Kane Kane Action Figure 2013
Ripley Ripley Action Figure 2013
ALIEN Alien (Big Chap) Action Figure 2014
Xenomorph Lurker Xenomorph Lurker Action Figure 2015
Xenomorph Boiler Xenomorph Boiler Action Figure 2015
Colonial Marines Xenomorph Soldier Colonial Marines Xenomorph Soldier Action Figure 2014
Red Xenomorph Red Xenomorph Action Figure 2015
Hudson Hudson Action Figure 2016
Dog Alien (Video game appearance) Dog Alien (Video game appearance) Action Figure 2015
Alien Covenant Xenomorph Xenomorph Action Figure 2019
Neomorph Neomorph Action Figure
Alien - Xenomorph Concept Poster (Alien Day 2019) Alien (Alien Day 2019) Action Figure 2019
Big Chap Big Chap Action Figure 2021
Warrior Alien Warrior Alien Action Figure 2021
Alien Warrior Alien Warrior Action Figure 2021
Battle Damage Alien Warrior Battle Damage Alien Warrior Action Figure 2021
Battle Damage Celtic Predator Battle Damage Celtic Predator Action Figure 2021
Celtic Predator Celtic Predator Action Figure 2021
 Chopper Predator Chopper Predator Action Figure 2021
Scar Predator Scar Predator Action Figure 2021
Predalien Predalien Action Figure 2022
Alien Queen Alien Queen Action Figure 2022
SD Alien SD Alien #23 Action Figure 2015
Aliens: Dropship Aliens: Dropship 03/500 Vehicle 2009
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