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  • Corrected, thanks!

    JoshB   5 years 27 weeks ago
  • JoshB   5 years 27 weeks ago
  • Ebay prices are about the same as Tokyo prices. Japanese Amazon would probably be the cheapest place.

    Great review, I have almost an entire season of these things, minus this one figure. It is actually 7 inches, not 11, though.

    minsok   5 years 27 weeks ago
  • Car mode looks like a Chevelle to me.
    Where would you say is the best place to order this or the other characters?

    kidnicky   5 years 27 weeks ago
  • Gorn

    The main difference between Abrams and McFarlane is that McFarlane has a toy company specifically because he was a “celebrity” who had fans that would follow him to any venture. Abrams tries to use his involvement with toys to become famous,and that just isn’t going to happen,no matter how entertaining he is on that Netflix show.

    The main thing they have in common for me is,whenever someone mentions either guy,the first thing that pops in my mind is his unique version of Spider-Man.

    kidnicky   5 years 27 weeks ago
  • The show is hillarious!

    Splinter: “Your name is Meat Sweats?!?”
    Meat Sweats: “Actually my name is Rupert.”
    Splinter: “I’d stick with Meat Sweats.”

    kidnicky   5 years 27 weeks ago
  • THey did have the more vanilla type Tomica stuff in the US at target,but it all ended up going on clearance IIRC

    kidnicky   5 years 27 weeks ago
  • Sludge

    It's interesting to me to see how the pieces get reused for each of the three ground-pounder Dinobots; they're all the same basic pieces, just flipped upside-down or turned backwards.

    You can cram a surprising number of Prime Master / Headmaster figures into Sludge. In robot mode the dino neck forms a sort of "knapsack" that one or two guys can ride in. In dino mode, if you flip open the wings then a couple guys can sit in that space.

    RobotBastard   5 years 28 weeks ago
  • Sludge

    I totally agree!! If sludge was any more than $15, I don’t think he would be worth it but for that price he’s pretty good! I really wish the dinobots all had both guns and swords for each though, but the prime armor probably means they couldn’t have more than one normal weapon each, but oh well! I’m just happy they made new dinobots at all! 

    quinncat   5 years 28 weeks ago
  • Sludge

    For $15, he's good enough. More weapons would be nice, but I'm glad he at least has his wings. Helps him stand out more from Slug/Slag.

    Optimal III   5 years 28 weeks ago
  • The Batcave

    Amazon exclusive

    JoshB   5 years 30 weeks ago
  • The Batcave

    Man, this could almost double as an Evil Horde hangout. Looks great. Where is it available?

    Heavyarms   5 years 30 weeks ago
  • Slithe

    He was the leader of the mutants. I can't remember the exact arrangement they had with Mumm-Ra though but it's safe to assume he was not their leader, at last not until they arrived on Third Earth. It's been a while since I watched the show.

    Tetsuryu   5 years 31 weeks ago
  • Triggerhappy

    Triggerhappy really is a great figure.  I was lucky enough to find him in a shop here, Home Bargains, for £8. :D  I really love his transformation, but what I really love about these rcent Transformers is that they are very faithful recreations of the G1 toy and cartoon chaarcters.

    Mark M   5 years 32 weeks ago
  • Back in August 1989 when I was four years old I got this toy on holiday in England from Woolworths.

    Although my version oif the toy had grey arms and legs like the picture on the box.  

    Very fun toy that I kept for many years and joined in on many epic Transformers battles.

    Thanks for posting a great review of this toy. 

    Although this toy always reminded me of was Thundercats, as that day in the shop I had the chance to get a Thundercats Driller figure but I decided to get the cool looking robot as I thought I would get Driller eventually another time.  Ironically Driller was the one Thundercats toy I never seen in any shop here in Northern Ireland.  

    Mark M   5 years 32 weeks ago
  • Really nice Ko's Too bad about the insignia's. it looks like it would be hard to cover up. or remove.

    Although I'm no mod expert.

    But I could see this being a modder's dream.

    to make your own team etc.

    great review

    kidchuckle   5 years 32 weeks ago
  • Gorn

    It's not the gorn figure itself, it's the Mego reboot line in general. Many people cite poor face sculpts, and just a general out of touch attitude with the line.

    JoshB   5 years 32 weeks ago
  • The Beta actually has alternate hand weapons (drills and claws instead) and a different cockpit! but yeah. line has a lot of very very mild remolds.

    Rankarana   5 years 32 weeks ago
  • Gorn

    What don’t people like about this Gorn figure?

    quinncat   5 years 33 weeks ago
  • Crosshairs

    I'd say this toy is not bad. Worth picking up for anyone who's a fan of the movies and/or missed the previous figure.

    Optimal III   5 years 36 weeks ago
  • Crosshairs

    What do you guys think about this, is the last knight crosshairs worth buying such a similar figure from the first release just with some admittedly major improvements but at a (sometimes) higher price?

    quinncat   5 years 36 weeks ago
  • Dreadwind

    I’d have to agree dreadwind is pretty good for $15, and I think the prime armor is just fine, I will say the weapon gimmick in the upcoming siege line I like a lot more

    quinncat   5 years 36 weeks ago
  • Beast King GoLion

    Nice review. And very cool. I was already thinking about the Ninja & Shogun Megazord sets that are coming, but I may have to grab this one too.

    Optimal III   5 years 37 weeks ago
  • Dreadwind

    I like Dreadwind through & through. I wish he came with matching guns, but otherwise, he's solid. And yeah, the Prime armor isn't fantastic in execution, but it's fun.

    Optimal III   5 years 37 weeks ago
  • Cheers for making the McFarlane comparison. That's what I call being thorough.

    I have the McF version but not the Funko. Like you, I found they didn't look great in the package (save Bird Person). Nice to know they improve upon being freed. Snowball would have been the main reason for me buying the set. I lucked out and found the "You Shall Now Call Me Snowball" building set for $9 at Walmart on clearance. I still see it for that price or a little bit more online. So that may be an option for those not wanting the rest.

    I do like that the McF Snowball has more poseable arms and legs.

    japester   5 years 39 weeks ago