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Robochange 4 in 1 Galaxy Converter


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On Holiday In England

Back in August 1989 when I was four years old I got this toy on holiday in England from Woolworths.

Although my version oif the toy had grey arms and legs like the picture on the box.  

Very fun toy that I kept for many years and joined in on many epic Transformers battles.

Thanks for posting a great review of this toy. 

Although this toy always reminded me of was Thundercats, as that day in the shop I had the chance to get a Thundercats Driller figure but I decided to get the cool looking robot as I thought I would get Driller eventually another time.  Ironically Driller was the one Thundercats toy I never seen in any shop here in Northern Ireland.  

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Posted by Mark M on 8 November, 2018 - 13:32