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  • Hound

    Sweet Jack Black figure.

    TattooedRobot   4 years 34 weeks ago
  • Voltes V

    I just ordered one from him. Looks amazing. God I want them to do Reideen so f’ing bad.

    TattooedRobot   4 years 34 weeks ago
  • Rock Roller

    I still have this guy!

    Storytime-So when I was 4-5 I was in a toy store and ALMOST picked G1 Jetfire, but chose this Rock Lord Instead.
    Now you're probably thinking it was stupid choice but in a way it was the best since if I have gotten that Jetfire it'd probably be all broken/yellowed/missing pieces while having this (and other Rock Lords) are still intact. Those things were quite sturdy for 80's robot toys.

    VZMK2   4 years 36 weeks ago
  • Rock Roller

    Pretty cool. Didn't know they made any Rock Lords toys beyond the ones for the characters that appeared in the movie. Would have been interesting to see how Hanna-Barbera translated this one for animation.

    Optimal III   4 years 36 weeks ago
  • Giru Giru

    I finally just got one of these today and in seeing this review now, I can't believe it's been out for 7 years already? Anyway, I love it but the mouth on my particular example just won't open up and I'm afraid I'll break it if I try too hard.

    NekroDave   4 years 36 weeks ago
  • Bandai Chogokin HEROES


    JoshB   4 years 37 weeks ago
  • Triggerhappy

    Yeah, I had to hunt to get the Velocitron boxset from a local TRU. Took forever for them to get to Georgia. After that hassle, I didn't hesitate to pre-order the Cybertron set from BBTS.

    Optimal III   4 years 39 weeks ago
  • Triggerhappy

    That’s so cool that you have metalhawk! Both of those Titans Return box sets go for some crazy prices so I don’t have them yet but I want to so bad! also I’m glad you can experience this mold, because it really is pretty great

    quinncat   4 years 39 weeks ago
  • Triggerhappy

    Thus far, I only have the Metalhawk version of this mold. But everything you mentioned applies to him as well. Pretty cool figure.

    Optimal III   4 years 40 weeks ago
  • Cosmos

    Excellent figure with a fun transformation. I actually bought a spare that I'm currently repainting into Gobots Pathfinder.

    Kaiketsu Blinder   4 years 40 weeks ago
  • Sixbuilder KO

    So I’ve had this figure for about three months now and the pegs have not broken, maybe I exaggerated a little about that problem? I don’t know yet!

    quinncat   4 years 41 weeks ago
  • Ultimate Gipsy Danger

    This is the reason why I never bought another NECA action figure. They had years to address their QC issues and yet they still can't solve it.

    Whether it's a break in the joint, misaligned legs or missing accessories...these issues still plague NECA up to now. That's why it's a disappointment whenever I see an interesting figure made by NECA, there's a good chance that figure will break/have defects.

    makaikishi   4 years 41 weeks ago
  • Blitzwing Oversized KO

    There is a flash sale on Sirtoys now, so this ko Blitzwing is only $5 instead of $10

    quinncat   4 years 41 weeks ago
  • Megatron

    You're not missing much, TLK was the worst of the Michael Bay TF movies.

    VZMK2   4 years 42 weeks ago
  • Ultimate Gipsy Danger

    I honestly can’t believe the fan base that NECA has given how every figure of their’s I have ever laid hands on has had these sorts of issues? The plastic they use is crab. It’s like recycled chewing gum. Even new in the box a figures lifespan is limited in months not years. Once the cheap assed pvc they use fully outgasses the stuff just disintegrates. At least the infamous Popy Blue took a few years.

    One of the more entertaining things in all of this is seeing the long time NECA PacRim fans lay hands on the Bandai Robot Damashii (Robot Spirits) PR2 figures and just about break down in tears at what they should have had all along.

    faelon   4 years 42 weeks ago
  • Liokaiser

    I know!!

    He kinda barely works compared to the other ones, and it’s really hard to actually find a ko that has hellbat

    quinncat   4 years 42 weeks ago
  • Liokaiser

    I can't believe they retooled Doubledealer into a combiner limb. You can tell from the fact that it looks so out of place.

    Tetsuryu   4 years 42 weeks ago
  • Ultimate Gipsy Danger

    Now you know why they get called "NECAN'T".

    Tetsuryu   4 years 42 weeks ago
  • Slug

    I wish his back opened into the classic wings, and that he had a sword in addition to his gun. But otherwise, he's nice.

    Optimal III   4 years 44 weeks ago
  • Breakaway

    Yeah, I see your point but I’m just disappointed because I didn’t pay $15 to paint it myself!
    Even if they just used different plastic colors or something!!!

    quinncat   4 years 44 weeks ago
  • Breakaway

    I'm a fan of MTME so I was really looking forward to Getaway/Breakaway. But, like you, I thought the final figure looked unfinished. Granted, it's not something you couldn't fix with halfway decent painting skills, but I was hoping Takara would come along and do it. Now I'm over it.

    Heavyarms   4 years 44 weeks ago
  • Agreed. They look to be larger SRC. Along the same lines as the Metal Build Mazinger. Which would be great. But I wish they had limited SOC to the full transformation versions. It gets confusing.

    faelon   4 years 44 weeks ago
  • Voltron

    It’s just great seeing such a nice Voltron, or any decent robot, toy at retail again. It’s not perfect, but it has deep presence. And is fun to play with. Both TRU and Walmart are dumping the lions at deep clearance, I think because Playmates stupidly gave them the same skis as the Legendary Defender ones. So Classic is coming straight from the factory to the clearance rack. Idiotic as they will be gone soon. But it means the robot can be had for about $60 complete. I was also able to grab the Legendary Voltron complete box set for $80 at the TRU clearance sale. Also Props to Playmates for packing in the full range of accessories. Everything we never got from Matchbox. Not just Lion Blades but painted Lion blades. Spring firing shoulder cannons. As was said everything but Rocket fists. The only real disappointment is the sword. It’s half the size it should be. Unpainted, and just feels wrong. Plus it tends to warp. Overall the perfect toy for a younger new generation robot fan with which to share the hobby.

    faelon   4 years 44 weeks ago
  • WTB

    If anyone has any of the main 4 (possibly even the Shadow ones) for sale, I'm game to buy. :)

    Just put CM's Mospeada Figures in the title of the email.

    Proto   4 years 44 weeks ago
  • Breakaway

    He's a wretched jerk in the comics, so maybe it's fitting he doesn't have an enjoyable toy.

    Optimal III   4 years 44 weeks ago