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Video Review: Robot Desk Set

Here’s an anonymous, non-licensed quasi-toy which succeeds on its own merits despite its forgettable nature.

Video Review: Combat Hero

Possibly the most annoying robot toy ever. This one you gotta see, with VIDEO

Video Review: Type-J9 Griffon

Kotobukiya continues their line of D-Style Kits. Here is the infamous Griffon for your building pleasure.

Video Review: Voyager-class Autobot Sea Spray

A much needed and well-deserved upgrade for the little-hovercraft-that-could.

Video review included!

Video Review: Star Trek II TWoK Phaser

The overall package is very clean and cool.

Video review included!

Video Review: Zerokage & Bakuryu

A glorious ending to the Tobikage Soul of Chogokin Trilogy.

Updated with video review!

Video Review: Rodimus Minor

One of the best Rodimus toys we have to date. Do you go the USA or Japan route to acquire yours? Take a look and decide for yourself.

Video Review: SDF-1 Macross (Do You Remember Love type)

My toy collecting has come full circle. THE toy I wanted when I was younger but could never have, the Do You Remember Love SDF-1 Macross, is now in my hands in glorious 1/3000 scale.

Video Review: God Reideen

The fact that they made another toy of this design gives me hope that the SRC line will be a unique and original line, and not just the same old characters re-hashed. With HD Video Review

Video Review: System Mecha Collection Srungle

“On the Elusive Nature of Perfection,” or “Srungle, The Differently-Abled Robot”

Video Review: Reideen the Brave

I still think Bandai has a ways to go before perfecting what should be a simple transformation mechanism, but as a whole I really like this latest version of Reideen.

Video Review: King Ding and His Robot Brain

Like American Muscle cars, American robot toys were often big, powerful and filled with gimmicks and details that delighted and astounded. Most collectors of vintage Japanese and modern robot toys are unfamiliar with the wonders of these motorized...

Video Review: Type-7 Brocken Labor (OVA Version)

Rarely do I hate a toy. I can usually find some redeeming value in most every toy I get, or be able to find some reason why one type of collector would want it. You have to respect, at the very least, the work someone put into making the item in...

Video Review: PA-SP Gao Kong

In the end, I got this set because it felt like adding something special to the collection of Power Animals I already had, and it was through previous confidence in the Gao Gorilla that convinced me it was a good choice.


Video Review: Mazinger Weapon Set

Is a Rocket Punch worth $10? I take a look at the Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Weapon Set. With HD Video.

Video Review: Dirge

A conehead favorite makes his appearance in Hasbro's great Generations lineup.

Video Review: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

I give my highest recommendations for this set! It is a beautiful centerpiece to any sci-fi collector’s shelves, and will make any Trekkie drool on the spot. Just… don’t give it to any kids, and don’t drop it, okay?


Video Review: Deluxe Light Cycle: Sam Flynn

Unlike Flynn’s lightcycle, this one is labeled as a “Deluxe” set, and rightly so. This is everything that one wasn’t. This is an awesome toy.

Video Review: Light Cycle: Kevin Flynn

Flynn’s Light Cycle closely resembles the classic design from the original movies, with a few alterations.

Video Review: VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo Custom

I can’t help but be curious when a new incarnation of the classic design arrives. I want to know “How did they do it this time?”

Video Review: VF-19S Blazer Valkyrie

An ok toy held back by some questionable design choices.

Video Review: Gundam Cup Noodle

It's the Gundam that eats like a meal.


Video Review: Pegasus Seiya (Original Color Version)

Now with more words! And a video review.

Video Review: Tobikage & Kurojishi

I've been waiting quite a while to get this in my hands. Was it worth the wait? Read on robonerds.

Video Review: TOS Black Handle Phaser

Despite the two flaws I found in mine, and that I find stuffing one small weapon inside another one both puzzling and amusing, I’m still satisfied with this set.

Video review included!