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VF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie


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This looks awesome. Can't

This looks awesome. Can't wait to get mine. Great Review!

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Posted by JoshB on 31 May, 2011 - 17:42
Very nice toy. I'm not a fan

Very nice toy. I'm not a fan of the color combo and will wait for the other variants.

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Posted by Viper8 on 31 May, 2011 - 21:09

I think I'll trade my Yamato Dyson YF-19 for this Fire Bomber.

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Posted by Diakron on 31 May, 2011 - 23:22
i am disappoint...

no fire bomber samples.... meh.... lol on the bright side they made the transformation more fun!! but the deal breaker and the missed moment was having a few vocal samples on the speakers, come on yamato even the simple "listen to my song!!" sample would've sufficed!!

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Posted by exia00astraea on 5 June, 2011 - 04:35

Hello all, I've been a reader here for quite some time, but haven't really ever spoken. I love the reviews, esp. the Macross ones. I was lucky enough to get this valk for a one-year anniversary present :) It's funny too since I've shown my gf Macross/ zero/ plus/ and now were on 7 and about 20 episodes in and she can't stand Basara, and says his name is befitting of him lol. Well personally the vf19 custom holds a special place for me, I didn't know what the hell Macross 7 was about when I first watched it years ago, but once I finished it, I too was humming Fire Bomber songs walking down the sidewalk. So to not only get a valk, but this particular one proves that she loves me lol.

1. My ankle joints on mine were extremely hard to move, I felt like i was going to break the plastic parts of the foot before the metal joint would free up. Then once I made it move a little into a full foward position, the joint felt like it totally freed up and was loose. Moving it back into gerwalk position though, it gets so tight that I fear breaking it. Is this the same for yours?

2. Where am I suppose to put the stickers on this thing? The sticker sheet has #'s as though they are intended to go in certain areas but no guide to applying them was included with the toy. Did they leave something out of my box?

I suppose that's all,

Keep up the awesome work gentlemen.

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Posted by Exelion84 on 18 June, 2011 - 00:19

wish I could help, never own one...maybe email the guy who made the review instead of just a post...good luck.

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Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 18 June, 2011 - 10:39
While I do quite like this figure...

While I do like the design of this figure, the red plastic used aggravates me. It's not that I fear the plastic breaking, it's that it is a soft, oily plastic.

The red plastic is soft, so this figure is prone to nicks and scratches, especially on the wings which are thin and sharp. This disturbs me greatly, because I do not see why the wings couldn't have been as thick and beefy as the 1/60 VF-1's wings were. I mean, they are the same scale and the VF-19 is a far bigger jet.

I cannot handle this figure without having to wash my hands afterward. The residue it leaves on my hands is intolerable to me. It's fine enough while messing with the figure, but when I'm finished it drives me up the wall. The first day I got the figure I played with it nonstop and the entire day I kept feeling pissed off and unwashed, despite being clean.

I would have preferred Bandai used the same plastic as on VF-1. It was harder and it was not oily. That it was a more brittle plastic would not be not a problem, as even the VF-1 was extremely sturdy, except for the arms on the early releases, which were because the plastic was too thin. The VF-19 has no load bearing parts that small that are not die cast, so there would be almost no added risk of breaking.

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Posted by Yuyuyami on 3 August, 2011 - 00:01