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Dairugger XV


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I'm glad that you finally

I'm glad that you finally have your dream dairugger, but I just can't get into these, despite being a Jumbo obsessive. I prefer the stylistic primitivism of the originals.

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Posted by jacksauce on 14 April, 2011 - 22:10
Screw the haters, this is

Screw the haters, this is gorgeous. Can't wait to meet it, even though I know that will leave me wanting one. I really hope these do sell well. If you were going to update the Jumbo concept, I think this is the way to go. The details and finish on this guy make it loads more interesting than, say, the Stormtrooper ;)

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Posted by Prometheum5 on 15 April, 2011 - 06:43
I would choose the

I would choose the stormtrooper over this. That way, I could at least repaint the stormtrooper into something glittery and obscene. Something I would like.

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Posted by jacksauce on 15 April, 2011 - 10:13
Sorry - This is a fail

Nothing more than a big vinyl statue. Overpriced at that.
The box sure is alluring, but if you grew up with the playability of a REAL Shogun Warrior, then this would be a massive disappointment had I gotten one of these under the tree in '79.

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Posted by Grandzinga on 15 April, 2011 - 18:36
Nice! I have the Golion and I

Nice! I have the Golion and I am totally happy with it. The price is justified because its a low run release. I think the figure is great. I have the Shogun Stormtrooper and I can't really say one is better than the other, but if given the choice of keeping only one, I would have to say I would keep the Toynami. Mostly because Voltron is my absolute MOST favorite robot EVER. Worlds above even Daitarn 3. Unfortunately my Dairugger is sitting in a Pile of Loot waiting for my wallet to have enough to bring it home.

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Posted by chachipower on 15 April, 2011 - 23:09