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Dragon Shiryu


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im glad you lik it.


im somewhat new here posting, but i enter here in a daily basis.

anyway, for the review it seens you like a lot this figure. i also collect myth cloth , and believe me, these little jewels are expensive, but worth it every penny. funny thins is, the average collector dont know much about this line, or at least here in usa, but in the rest of the world saint seiya is HUGE.

for you know ,the most recently release in asia, is the god of underworld, HADES , give a check out.


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Posted by linkuu on 11 April, 2011 - 22:34
Yeah, Ive known about these

Yeah, Ive known about these for a while but paid no mind because they are so far off what I normally collect, but now that I have one, I see them differently. I actually became more interested in these figures when I saw Hades at the Toy Fair, that figure is BEAUTIFUL

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Posted by chachipower on 12 April, 2011 - 18:07
Seiya Myths has its goods & bads

I love collecting Seiya Myths too, but has been taking a long break for the last couple years, but the recent Hades figure got me going again. Keep in mind, as great as many of these Seiya figures can be, a couple loose joints can totally turn them from a toy to a display-only piece. Or in some cases, figures with a lot of armor attachments keep them from being playable. The Bronze Saints with lighter armor ( like this Shiryu) usually are much more easier to handle. So what I do most of the time is using the Seiya Display Stands with them (sold separately in batches), and also use some very tacky Super Tape (strong thin double side tape with a red film in craft store) and cut some small pieces to tape them onto the stands under the shoes. That way, I can move them around by grabbing the stand base, with the figure nicely held with no wobble or sliding around, while still very poseable (minus the legs) waist up during display. But I can always move the legs and peel the tape if I need to, or replace them when they are no longer sticky enough for the diecast weight. Seiya figures joints can be a bit random, especially on the earlier release with the 1st gen bodies. 2nd & 3rd gen bodies are much improved, both on proportion and joints tightness. However, they also got rid of all the accessible screws, making it much more difficult to fix loose joints on these new bodies. All it takes is a loose ankle or a loose hip, and your figure will be unstable very easily. So having those stands are great, and even better with the Super Tape trick I use.

Also, watch out with fingerprints stained on the chrome plastic. Wipe them clean after playing, or wear a white cotton glove. Leaving greasey marks on the armor too long will permanantly stain it, due to oxidation. So be careful with that. And welcome to the Seiya club. :D

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Posted by mpchi on 17 April, 2011 - 21:29
Thanks for the tips, Im sure

Thanks for the tips, Im sure it will help many newcomers to these collectibles. Ive given my figure a coat of Tamiya wax which has worked great on all my collectibles. Im still trying to get Hades

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Posted by chachipower on 20 April, 2011 - 22:23