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Video Review: NERV Official Business Coupe

The perfect car for a giant Evangelion toy to menace.

Video Review: R2-D2

Not enough droid for too much money.

Video Review: Titanium Rodimus Prime

A surprisingly good attempt at a modern Rodimus Prime toy.

Video Review: Otomonin 02-UFOmaru


Video Review: Dead End

Dead End isn't doomed, but he could be a little better.

Video Review: Otomonin 01- Paonmaru

A well-designed fun elephant that can also pilot the Shurikenjin.

Video Review: Offroad

Ruckus reborn.

Video Review: Breakdown

A surprisingly complex Breakdown.

Video Review: Motormaster

The new King of the Road.

Video Review: Stormtrooper

Powered by Revoltech!

Video Review: DX Muteki Shogun

Muteki Shogun is comprised of Five Giant Beast Generals, each have a form of an animal mixed with a Japanese castle.

Video Review: Hong Kong Brawl Gipsy Danger

While not up to par with a comparable Japanese release, it's a marked improvement from the first version.

Video Review: Temakizu Natto

Couldn't be more Japanese if it tried.

Video Review: Super Sentai Artisan ToQ-Oh

The most in-depth CDX review to date!

Video Review: FX01 Tetsujin 28 FX

Just when you thought the ES Gokin line was shrinking.

Video Review: Metal Action 02 Brain Condor

So cool looking that you forgive it for not having a body.

Video Review: Colonial Marines Xenomorph Soldier

Shiny and gooey like any good Alien should be.

Video Review: Dragstrip

"Let's race."

Video Review: VF-0D Phoenix Shin Kudo Ver.

The Phoenix has risen.

Video Review: Xenomorph Boiler

Put that controller down and check these out!

Video Review: Mazinkaiser

In a line full of Gundams, this little Mazinkaiser tries to grab some of the spotlight.

Video Review: Alpha Bravo

Who is Alpha Bravo?

He is awesome.

Video Review: DX Shurikenjin

PLEX is back to making really fun toys.

Video Review: Space Deleter Solar Saver (太陽戰擊王)

The Super Sentai robot we deserve.


(UPDATE:  Video review added 04/18/2015)

Video Review: Masked Rider ZO

Toei's apology for Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue is one of the best Kamen Rider movies to date. But does this figure hold up?