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  • Ok now that is a huge bit of news, very quietly delivered.

    faelon   2 days 7 hours ago
  • Ugh! Other pictures showing the anime colored version look great. But that Metalic? Thank you no! And once again HLP hits their magic MSRP of "I will not buy it at that price!" Talk to me when it hits discout at $100.

    faelon   3 days 22 hours ago
  • Battle Fever Robo

    Just a long term follow up comment. Mine is normally on a high back shelf of my display cabinet. I had it down dusting and cleaning this weekend, and yeah, the rubber neck is worrying me a bit. I don't think it is aging well.

    faelon   5 days 4 hours ago
  • The little red ship and it's larger version are called the "Grandis Tank" or "Grantan" depending on translation. The show this is from is a wonderful exploration of everything Jules Verne, through the eyes of Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gunbuster, Shin Godzilla). The show starts off feeling like an American kids show with goofy jewel thief villains chasing a pair of young teens around the world in a Steampunk era. But then things change. The villains turn out to be not so villainous, all end up allied with Captain Nemo, and the fun really begins. The Grandis Tank is the Goofy Villains vehicle. The little plane is the kids. If you can make it past the first two episodes, where it is still a wacky american style chase cartoon, it suddenly becomes one of the best and deepest animes ever made. What NGE could have been of Anno hadn't gone off his meds for the last two episodes.

    The new 20th Anniversary Soul of Chogokin book shows a picture of the Nautilus II from the second season of Nadia. It's a sleeker winged ship that can fly. Bandai might be considering one.

    faelon   5 days 23 hours ago
  • RAcaseal

    I have both this and the Black version. They are two of the finest Chogokin Bandai has ever made. Everything about them just feels smooth and perfect. They have such a distinct and unique character.

    faelon   5 days 23 hours ago
  • Clearly, if Playmobil had standard licensing for these properties we'd already have playsets, vehicles, the works. So I'm okay with larger figures.

    What kills me is an opening video I just watched of the two GB figures. You would assume at least standard Playmobil articulation, but the reviewer could only move the arms. No head swivel? Not even folding legs (despite the big hip architecture from the toys clearly visible?!)? And the proton packs are a solid piece. No removable wands with flexible tubing (which would be standard on a regular Playmobil figure). That's some weak sauce. We are basically getting little statues with rotating shoulders and a single accessory (though a few figures don't even have that). Preorderd the 4th Doctor and Willy Wonkay, but I may stop there.

    japester   6 days 4 hours ago
  • Moguera

    This is a great toy, and one of the finest in the SHMA line. While I doubt that there are many Moguera specific collectors, there are a lot that collect the various incarnations of Mechagodzilla and his brethren. Moguera is well on that list. For something in the ZsHMA line he really does qualify as a Gokin. The thing is damn heavy, with good solid jointing, and hard robust well painted plastics. No pvc like the Godzilla figs. The only thing that would make the figure better would be the ability to split and transform into his separate vehicles. I don't know why Bandai didn't include that? It's not like it needed anime magic. The onscreen models had the transformation joints built in.

    faelon   1 week 1 hour ago
  • Teambot

    Would you believe there's a dude on ebay trying to sell one of these figure sets for $27,000?? I get that there aren't many of these bootlegs out there in the wild given how long ago they were made, but come on! Seriously, look it up for a laugh. On ebay it's under a seller with the username astrotoyz. When I first saw this thing for sale on there, I laughed so hard I coughed.

    jedipoodoo   1 week 1 day ago
  • Glad to see these are finally, officially, coming to the States despite being available anyway. Hopefully we'll get to see more details on hobby news pages. I didn't know about the Rogue One kits existing until after they've been reviewed elsewhere.

    Rob   1 week 2 days ago
  • 00 Raiser

    Hmmm? That's actually a rather sharp looking Gundam figure. I have mostly moved away from collecting Gundam as they more and more all start to develop a sort of sameness to them (God help me but as I age I find myself more and more liking the insane, distinct and occasionally borderline racist designs of G Gundam over much of the more modern grim dark stuff.) But this one really catches the eye. It's derivative but still has some really nice and unusual lines to it. I might just have to hunt one of these down.

    faelon   1 week 3 days ago
  • 00 Raiser

    Ah, gotcha. I thought he was talking about the 00 Gundam rather than the 0 Raiser. Thanks!

    Cacophanus   1 week 4 days ago
  • 00 Raiser

    He's talking about the O raiser cockpit, since whiny face doesn't pilot it in the movie.

    siningy   1 week 5 days ago
  • 00 Raiser

    The cockpit cover was white in the TV series though:

    Cacophanus   1 week 5 days ago
  • 00 Raiser

    It is to match the cockpit color in the movie where the 00 gundam twin drive was replaced with 2 GN containers since they were moved too 00Q.

    slee915   1 week 5 days ago
  • Legendary Red Lion

    I loved my matchbox Voltron when I was a kid, but I distinctly remember enjoying the individual lions more than the combined Voltron. So, I don't plan on getting all of these, but I may have to at least get this one. They all look great but the articulation is the real selling point here.

    kaltech   2 weeks 1 day ago
  • RX-77-2 Guncannon

    I love the missile pods, but they're only used in the movies iirc. The original pods from the first hguc fit on the new one easily, needing only one small piece being trimmed off with the nippers.

    Kmopotato   2 weeks 2 days ago
  • RX-77-2 Guncannon

    I think they're only a thing because we were told as much, but their existence is a testament to the detail that goes into everything Gundam, which has always been one of the big selling points.

    But yeah, I don't think anyone will really miss them.

    Optimal III   2 weeks 2 days ago
  • RX-77-2 Guncannon

    The new HGUC Revive Guncannon didn't come with the missile launchers either, didn't even realize that until you mentioned the ANIME one didn't either. Guess they've gone out of style.

    StarSaber   2 weeks 3 days ago
  • Kamen Rider Necrom

    What, no Ben 10 comparison pics?

    Kmopotato   2 weeks 3 days ago
  • Gotta find this online or ask my fellow 20four7va retailers, they might see a posting of this rare collection.

    johnmiller   2 weeks 6 days ago
  • Toy reviewer peaugh shows an easy way to remove the arms.

    RXPrime   3 weeks 1 day ago
  • Basically, this toyline is doing what MattyCollector *tried* to do.

    Jmann   3 weeks 2 days ago
  • Video from Hong Kong Toy Fair last week, shows the upcoming diecast and biiiiig lions. Also what looks like 1/12 paladins?

    magicsp00n   3 weeks 2 days ago
  • Getter Arc

    Game of Getters!

    JoshB   3 weeks 2 days ago
  • Getter Arc

    I asked the owner of Icarus Toys about this. He said that there are a lot more Dynamic products in planning. So I take that as a good sign.

    JoshB   3 weeks 2 days ago
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