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  • Great review as always! Very detailed, both the figure and review. Can't wait for the Wizard review! Do you happen to have the KickHopper and PunchHopper set?

    Autobot Alex   9 hours 27 min ago
  • Welcome back and great review as always! CDX was running low on SIC while you were gone.

    SentaiSeiya   12 hours 32 min ago
  • Battle Rollar

    This is EXACTLY how Rollar would look if he appeared in any of the live-action movies. The whole design is very Michael Bay-ish. Love all of the weapons though.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   1 day 18 hours ago
  • Looks cool, but damn are these expensive, and don't they break easily? Any time I hear folks talk of PAK, they're either complaining that the damn things break or that the final factory colors in their paintwork is incredibly dull when viewed next to the display prototypes and preview pics. I know some of their Batmen have known quality issues.

    netkid   1 day 19 hours ago
  • Kado Senshi RGM-79 GM

    Thanks! I honestly haven't run into a bad Banpresto item yet. Perhaps it's just because I have so little from them; it's a small sample size to judge from. So far those HumAble models and their SCM EX lines are both pretty dang cool.

    Alexx   1 day 21 hours ago
  • "For all your half-of-stuff needs."

    Thank you for a good five minutes of laughter. I enjoyed the whole show, but that line in particular almost killed me.

    Also, let Dylan (I think it was Dylan) know that he's not alone in thinking that Two-face must get really pissed off whenever he turns around in his hideout. In fact, that's exactly what seems to happen at 1:15!

    Corduroy Bear   2 days 1 hour ago
  • Battle Rollar

    I know this isn't the first 3rd party complete figure, but this was one of the first that really showed the innovations to come, like the weapons storage and various configurations, at a time when pretty much only add-ons were being designed. It's crazy to think about how massive the 3rd party industry has gotten since then.

    atom smasher   2 days 2 hours ago
  • Great review! One would think I would have known about this line since it combines two of favorite anime franchises. It just goes to show that you never quite know what is going to show up on CDX.

    SentaiSeiya   2 days 13 hours ago
  • Rhino

    Terrible? Yes, all of the McBeasties were. Don't even get me stared on "Under-3." Despite all the atrociousness, I think they had a nice artistic appeal to them like G1 Ironihde/Ratchet. Btw, you wouldn't happen to have some of these still lying around somewhere, would you? If so, I will gladly give them a happy home :)

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   2 days 19 hours ago
  • Rhino

    Little did we know that he would return later ingeniously disguised as one of the Generations Insecticons...or it could be one of his clones...

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   2 days 19 hours ago
  • Kado Senshi RGM-79 GM

    Great review and very cool. And points for actually having some good Banpresto toys that came out of a machine. In my experience, they're very hit or miss, and I've always had the misses.

    Optimal III   2 days 21 hours ago
  • Kado Senshi RGM-79 GM

    I don't think that would cut it, Everyone wants to see them out and about. It's really hard not to open them up, but I'm just unsure of how rare these really are. Again, I'd never seen them in person before I found these, and I haven't seen any since. I'm not saying they're my "get rich quick" scheme, but who knows. Maybe some day someone will make me an offer I can't refuse.

    Plus, I'd feel kind of weird having them just for me when they aren't really available to anyone else. I know that probably sounds strange, but I almost feel like they should be in a Gundam/toy museum or something. Assuming again that they are rare. For all we know, Bandai might have a bunch of them stashed in a vault somewhere just because.

    Optimal III   2 days 21 hours ago
  • Even Bandai knows that Yamcha never wins, hence a toy of his corpse long before any SH Figuarts version of him comes out.

    atom smasher   2 days 22 hours ago
  • So the Datsun is the new seeker mold?

    Tetsuryu   2 days 22 hours ago
  • Sigh, and of course it's an exclusive...I wonder if Hurricane was the last of the Showa era motorcycles we've seen to get a general release.

    Tetsuryu   2 days 22 hours ago
  • Rhino

    This is a terrible toy ;-) These things were like a plague in the late 90s, they seemed to be in every toy lot on ebay, and while I was an active seller I would always have a handful of them. Never could get rid of them, I think I donated them.

    JoshB   3 days 15 min ago
  • At this point, Hasbro knows that the third party manufacturers are out there and that fans are willing to spend a lot of money on show-accurate replacements and upgrades. A third-party CW Slingshot was announced the day after Superion was revealed, and I'm sure a Wildrider was in the works alongside it. Fans'll be fans, so I can't blame Hasbro for doing their best to get in on the market, especially if Takara was already making the new heads.

    Plus they're online exclusives so scalping hopefully won't be an issue. I don't think they'll be just HTS exclusives; they've had a working relationship with BBTS, TFSource and other big TF stores and I think they'll set up to distribute through them. I'm not sure if Toys R Us would get them if that were the case.

    atom smasher   3 days 1 hour ago
  • Glorious. No other words can be used here.

    RobertG22   3 days 4 hours ago
  • Kado Senshi RGM-79 GM

    Yes, that's the one! Here's a photo of 'em next to a HumAble Model figure:

    It's from a review I did on the HumAble Models, if you're interested in those.

    They're not models, even though it's in the name. Just VERY articulated figures.

    Alexx   3 days 8 hours ago
  • Rhino

    I used to have Beetle when I was a kid, might have been the only officially licensed transformer I had then. I think he ended up losing a leg before disappearing for good.

    Vraptor140   3 days 8 hours ago
  • Kado Senshi RGM-79 GM

    Duuuuuuuuuuuude... why are we not getting a huge elaborate pictorial review of these guys, with 1000 photos of whatever can be seen through the packaging, haha.

    recognizer   3 days 12 hours ago
  • For a franchise defined by transforming vehicles and robots, it shows how much fans fear change. Their replacement characters were obviously designed because they'd be easier to retool such as how Alpha Bravo becomes TWO other known characters, and the same can be said for the new guy in the Stunticons. However, I have to agree that some things don't need to be changed because 'well... we can't use those names...' reasons.

    I'm hopeful Hasbro won't short sheet us on their release to being maybe as TRU/HasbroToyShop exclusives.

    Rob   3 days 15 hours ago
  • Kado Senshi RGM-79 GM

    ...I used to see these GMs, and their Gundam and Zaku equivalents, a lot a few years ago in Japan. I hadn't realised they were this nice. At the time, I had *read* more about Gundam than *seen* it, so though I loved the universe my knowledge of the actual series, especially the first, was a bit lacking otherwise I'd have picked one up because GMs need our love. Also, to be less explodely.

    F-ZeroOne   4 days 16 hours ago
  • Ha, it's not the extra wings that are needed, Its an extra set of incredible disintegrating 'NUNS' points (the black chumpies that make up the forward transitions from the fuselage to the wings) that should be included.

    Toysouldiers   4 days 21 hours ago
  • Kado Senshi RGM-79 GM

    That's the second time you've brought that up I think. I will look into it. It's the one that comes with the Space Launch, right?

    Optimal III   4 days 21 hours ago
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