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  • Giant Robo

    Nah! I don't think there is that much risk of SRC going away. Bandai really doesn't end full lines that often. Sub lines within them come and go, so we may see a fading of say Brave SRC's or such. But I don't think the SRC line itself is going anywhere. If anything they may focus more on it as the lower cost entry point for the higher end collectors market.

    SRC God Sigma is a fantastic figure. Just a little light in metal and stature. The only real issue with it, that left it a shelf warmer, was the insanely inflated MSRP. I am sure we will see a God Mars at some point. In fact Bandai will eventually get around to every SRC for which they have shown a prototype. Big O, Godanar, God Mars, etc. They just move at their own speed and in their own random order.

    faelon   4 hours 33 min ago
  • Ideon

    Finally found one of these at a reasonable price. Wow! Was not expecting the size or weight to the beast. This is one that I wanted for having watched and greatly enjoyed the anime. (Well until things went weird at the end, but..."anime"). I always loved the way the show made the robot seem awkward, stiff and ponderous. But at the same time unstoppable. The SOC does a great job of capturing that.

    faelon   14 hours 55 min ago
  • Allocator

    What are the replacement parts for Unearth and Bulldozer for?

    Heavyarms   19 hours 23 min ago
  • Giant Robo

    Nice thorough review. I am just excited to still be getting SRC, After God Sigma I was a little worried, although it sold poorly it's by far my favorite and I am hoping we get that God Mars as an exclusive eventually. I would really have to hate a character not to support the line. Needless to say this is preordered. Long live SRC.

    TattooedRobot   1 day 8 hours ago
  • Giant Robo

    Welcome to the fun smaller sized world of SRC's. You will find lots of delightful goodness among them. And thank you for a nice concise review. I've been debating this guy since I have the Yamato. But I do think I mainly like him more.

    The friction connections for the forearms are intentional. They are a crossover joint system. You can swap arms between a number of modern SRC figures. Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, Kantam Robo, Getter 1 etc. And they all can share Rocket Punch effects parts. I honestly don't know if Anime Giant Robo has a Rocket Punch? But you can use the Mazinger Z or Great Maz effects parts to give him one.

    Similarly the point where his backpack connects should be a crossover joint. So you can alternately attach Maz's Scrander or Mazinkaisers Wings etc.

    Believe it or not this guy looks to be one of the less articulated SRC's, just by the nature of his design and shape. Some of the others get crazy for what you can do with them.

    That extra part on the back looks to be a Tamashii stand attachment. So in theory you can pose him up in the air jumping or flying? While Bandai generally puts something along those lines in with each SRC, there are a few such as DaiGuard and Alteisen where it's use is strongly not recommended due to weight and shape. I'm thinking this Big Boy probably falls into that category as well. He looks to be a "keep feet on ground" robot if I ever saw one.

    I'm rather disappointed that while they did the shoulder missiles, they didn't do the ones for the collar or the chest missile/cannon.

    faelon   1 day 17 hours ago
  • Ferocious Wolf Gun

    Do all these robot guns somehow come together to form a giant Robot Death Star Cannon of Destruction?

    faelon   3 days 5 hours ago
  • Energon Cubes

    Those look like they could be some really cool photo props. Who is the vendor? And do they have a web store?

    faelon   3 days 5 hours ago
  • Genesic GaoGaiGar

    Thank you for the review. Until I watched that little video I had not realized that GGGG's shoulders were robot dolphins instead of some sort of train.

    faelon   3 days 5 hours ago
  • Gunbuster

    This one is a nice figure. But I would only recomend it if you can find it at a really really good price. sub $50 USD. Otherwise you will get far more bang for your buck and lots more enjoyment saving up a little more and getting the re-released SOC Gunbuster.

    The SRC has a lot of neat features, and moves well. But some of the accessories are just hellish to get in place. The robot itself is a bit boring without the transformation. Even with the baseball bats. Not a bad piece (except when putting on those arm and leg electrodes, when it is a demon possessed piece of torture given form). Worth owning for a cheap price. But if you can't get it cheap you will get more value going for the Cadillac.

    faelon   3 days 5 hours ago
  • Gurren Lagann

    This guy is a more stylized version of Gurren Lagann. So for some that may be harder to get used to. If you don't have one of the earlier versions it is less of an issue. It does match up with the anime of the robot in motion more so than it does of any static line drawings or pictures. This thing really is all about the motion. And holy crp! Does it deliver. I simply cannot believe how this thing moves. How smooth. How tight. How far everything goes. It's an incredible feat of engineering. One of the best of the SRC's for articulation. This is a figure that demands a solid stand so he can be displayed in some really dynamic poses.

    Oh be warned. The drills! They are sharp! Really really sharp! dangerously so! Removing the flight pack will draw blood. putting the flight pack on will draw blood. if you should buy the add on "Drill Set of Manliness"? Well just offer up the blood to the figure as a sacrifice. If you have ever handled the Bandai SH Monsterarts Gigan? This thing is worse! It's not a question of if it will cut you. It's simply how badly.

    faelon   3 days 5 hours ago
  • J-Decker

    The figure looks good and moves well, with good accessories. The only problem is its too damn big. It scales way above any of the other Brave robots, and even feels oversized for the SRC line as a whole. I mean we expect Mazinkaiser to be the biggest baddest thing on the shelf, alongside GGG. But J Decker should not be standing an inch taller than Might Gaine. Or a head taller than Daizyujin and the Sentai robots. I know they aren't in any way to scale with each other. But it's just J Decker looks out of place. He is almost the size of the smaller SOC's. He can dance with Venus A and look her in the cockpit and not the breast missiles.

    faelon   3 days 5 hours ago
  • Big Volfogg

    To me this guy is one of the weaker SRC's. And his smaller normal Volfog form SRC is a much better piece. Big Folfog just feels kind of light and plain. The helicopter blades are pretty much fixed position which makes the figure awkward. he is a Transformer that doesn't transform even though he feels like he should. But his articulation and details are kind of sub par for the SRC line. Not bad, just not as good as most other robots. Just a "meh" offering. Completely unexciting.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • Key to Victory Set 2

    This is by far the best of the GGG add on sets. Great looks and details. And will work with GGG and GFG.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • Great robot! Great review. I may be branded a heretic, but I think I actually prefer the SRC GGG over the SOC. He just feels more solid and playable. More believable. (plus he doesn't take up more square footage than the dog in my office).

    And yeah I don't know how you are managing to get this guy airborne? Maybe for a photograph, but I can't see safely displaying him unless his feet are solidly on the ground.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • an absolutely great figure. He particularly really cries out to be airborn, with those wings extended. More than most others he wants a nice solid stand. I have him on a Tamashii Trident stand with 2 other Sentai Robots, and his printed spell disk resting in the center slightly angled forward towards the viewer. It makes a nice display, especially with Magiking in the back high position, wings spread looming over everyone else. Just a great robot.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • This guy is one of my absolute favorite SRC's. if I had to list my top 5 he would sit at #2. Perhaps the finest engineered figure in the line. One of the best Chogokin Bandai has ever produced in any of their lines. A must have for SRC collectors. The only thing more you could wish for would be a SOC version that could be transformed. The sub components on this guy look too good. You feel like you can take him apart into his 5 vehicles. It's all there perfectly laid out. Oh well. He is still the best articulated, best moving, best posing figure in the line. Every detail pops and shines on display.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • Just a wonderful SRC. Highly recommended. If you are looking to find one, be sure and ask the seller if it comes with the Sword Slash effects pieces that some vendors had for it. They look amazing and add a huge amount of animation and motion and life to the figure on display.

    Yeah Deka Ranger Robo comes with extra parts for this guy. I think they planned to do other releases with similar gimmicks from the show. Honestly it is an annoying meh feature that you will do once, then carefully put all the tiny parts back into the box to avoid losing them. It doesn't look that great compared to the normal default robot or its cannon parts. The option parts look better as the little Pat Striker Police Car sitting next to it.

    If you are an SRC collector or a Power Rangers of Super Sentai fan, this guy is a must have. Just remember to look fr the bonus sword slash parts when trying to hunt one down.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • I adore this figure. One of the best in the line. All of the SRC Sentai/Power Rangers robots are superb. With a few being the best of the entire line. Shinken-O suffers a little from seeming a bit lighter in the metal department compared to Daiyujin or Deka Ranger Robo, but he still has good enough heft. He doesn't have a lot of accessories, but what he has are incredibly detailed. His sword is a thing of beauty. And it sits perfectly on his hip. I would put this guy on the list of "really should have's" for an SRC collector.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • Knight Gear Oger

    While I absolutely adore Dendoh, I think I drew the short straw QC wise in my Knight Gear Ogre, which has left me a little disappointed. I don't know if it is just my specimen or it is common to the fig. But compared to the near identical Dendoh, My Ogre is a bit of a floppy mess. His waste is very loose and will not hold anything but a neutral pose. He doesn't balance well and his shoulders are a bit loose.

    This combined with his far less flashy color scheme tends to leave him relegated to the back of the shelf.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • Gear Fighter Dendoh

    I love this figure. I am not sure why? It's just one that always grabs my eye. And the articulation is so good that I always pick him up and mess with him. The colors just pop on it. The pictures really don't do it justice. It just surprised me with how much I like this one.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • God Reideen

    Ugh! Having just about completed my SRC collection, baring repaints and upcoming stuff, I feel I can say without fear that this is the absolute worst figure in the SRC line. Even Bandai can have an off day. Maybe they made it after a National three day tequila bender holiday? I don't know? But short answer, It looks more or less nice (in an overly silvery blue CGI'ish 90's sort of way), so long as it is standing in a solid neutral A pose. Don't worry much about that, because of how the Roided up hot mess is designed, that is likely the only pose you will ever actually get it in. the wings are a mess. The transformation is a mess. The arms and legs clash so badly with other parts of the robot that they can barely be moved. The hands fall off. constantly. Forget holding weapon. He can only hold is bow horizontally in front of him, shooting sideways. They put the metal ratchet joints in the idiotic transformation bird arms, instead of in the knees right next to them. So it can barely support its own weight. Every time you move one thing 2 more fall off. Unless you have a real fascination with horrible 90's robot reboot designs, skip this guy in your collecting until last. And even then hunt him down as cheap as possible. $20-30 is barely fair.

    On the positive side it is a kind of pretty shade of metallic silver blue. Kind of like your grandfathers old buick from back in the day. A nice pretty silver blue statue. Just make sure there are no breezes passing by or parts will fall off. Although to be fair the big honking 90's feet mean it stands well, so long as the knees don't flop over.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • Aquarion EVOL

    Aquarion EVOL is a decent figure. definitely in the lower half of the SRC list. But not that deeply so. He is a vast improvement over the Solar Aquarion, which I currently rank as second worst in the line, only being surpassed by God Reideen. At least Aquarion EVOL is not fighting with itself at every articulation point the way Solar is.

    I'm glad to have it. I loved the Aquarion EVOL show, largely for its quirky characters (who felt much less dour and shrieky than their predecessors.) I love having a representation of the mecha. I do wish it was a little heavier, or if it could transform.

    For those asking why it looks so much like Solar Aquarion? It's because it does have a direct relationship to that original robot. Aquarion EVOL is like Getter Dragon is to Getter 1. And much like the Getter's (who they really do draw a lot from) The close similarities are really only apparent in the main "heroic" combination. The equivalent #2 and 33 combinations all look quite distinct, Much like Getter 2 and Getter Liger do and Getter 3 and Getter Poseidon do. And yes I am mentioning the Getter's alot. That's because the shows really do homage them. Each robot is three distinct flying ships that can combine in 3 ways to form 3 robots.

    Overall this is a good to have SRC. It stands out on the shelf. But hunt it down for a cheap or clearance price. For once the SRC's generally lanky appearance works to the figures advantage as it well matches the anime's CGI. This will not be a figure you will take down or mess with often. But it is nice to look at. Your need for it will depend on how much of a completist you are.

    faelon   3 days 6 hours ago
  • I think I got mine from either Amazon and or Ebay.
    Oh really? I only have 2 out of the 6 on display. Slowly displaying them as I go into reviews.
    Now I really need to open them if the spring is worn down.
    But 2 of them are fortress where they don't really "spring" or motorize that much.
    That's too bad about the spring on yours. But probably most fun figs I've had in a while. I keep it at my desk...
    I just wish they were a tad bigger and better figs. But I think it's probably being pretty nit picky.
    The price for them were pretty good. especially for the engineering put into them.
    you don't see stuff like that anymore

    kidchuckle   3 days 7 hours ago
  • Allocator

    Figures the one who's a perfectionist would get the nigh-perfect figure. Looks really good and really looking forward to the final result. Don't know if it'll be boxset or singles, but I'm probably going for the yellow version they just announced whenever that hits.

    Optimal III   3 days 21 hours ago
  • Acid Storm

    That makes sense with the stand. They do look exactly the same. And yes, frustrating is the word. Especially compared to how good pretty much all of the other MPs have been since MP-11 dropped. I haven't done it yet, but if I ever see a 3P MP Seeker in person (TFcon Chicago?), I may just pick one up to see if it's a better alternative.

    Optimal III   5 days 7 hours ago
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