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  • That's it. I'm doing an entire series of retro Digimon reviews now. And I just realized that I just said "retro" while referring to Digimon. I'm actually getting old.

    Jmann   4 hours 3 min ago
  • Kantam Robo

    Yeh it was not quite as prominent as Action Kamen. But you get glimpses of it here and there. Is it just me or does it look kind of like it takes design queues from Xabungle? I know kantam Robo is a simple design but still...

    Roanstalker   8 hours 4 min ago
  • Mega Man X

    Wow. Just.... wow.

    I really can't wait to see how they do the Armor Upgrades!!!

    Rob   9 hours 43 min ago
  • Xerxes

    Thanks for the review! Looks like a cool piece.

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but the background is way too busy. You have taken great pictures but the details and colors are hard to see with such a distracting background. I think the pics would be top notch if you used a more neutral background.

    djinniman37   10 hours 52 min ago
  • There's also some side-scrolling shooters for Sega Saturn covering both original Gundam and Zeta. They're very similar to the Macross: DYRL game on Saturn (and PS1).

    VF5SS   12 hours 7 min ago
  • Hi! Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast. The closest thing I can think of to a Gundam game in that vein is the Famicom game, Z Gundam: Hot Scramble. It's super old, though. Note that it includes booth first primitive person shooter sections and Thexder-ish shooter parts. You might enjoy the arcade game Gundam: Final Shooting, though, which is along the lines of like Steel Gunner or if you need a more American example, Terminator 2 The Arcade Game:

    I haven't played any of the more recent arcade/PS3 games like the Extreme Vs. stuff, but I'm assuming it's built on the foundation of Fed vs. Zeon?


    Destroy All Pod...   13 hours 16 min ago
  • Bulldozer

    I like the figure and its vehicle and arm modes, but that head just looks awful to me. Everything above the nose looks strangely-proportioned. I can't tell whether that's sculpting or a trick of the lighting.

    Ah, well. Tastes vary. I'm really enjoying these reviews. Is that a ToyWorld or Hasbro Constructicon in your second comparison picture?

    Jetman Purple   15 hours 11 min ago
  • Master Gundam

    Yes, the cloak is part of an optional Web Exclusive set, which is pretty lame. Besides the cloak, you get some punching effects parts and crossed arms. Not really worth the 70-80 bucks it will cost to get.

    SentaiSeiya   15 hours 36 min ago
  • Although this is an HG, this kit does have an inner frame. It's the whole gimmick of the line, and they're heavily marketing that fact.

    Kmopotato   20 hours 40 min ago
  • Great work Josh! Glad you had fun building!

    I had to laugh about what you said about Build in progress pics. It's sometimes more exciting to see how you build than what you build. and a lot of shots taken waiting for paint to dry.

    just to clear up what you mentioned about the 'attack mode' (spoilers) at the end there, the only other kit that works with the Kutan is the Graze or Graze Kai.

    Rob   1 day 2 hours ago
  • Josh secretly Gunpla'd without telling any of us!

    ... I should review more Gunpla.

    Dkun   1 day 4 hours ago
  • Mazinger Z

    I bought two of these - Garada K7 and the Valkyrie. They've got a lovely old school toy vibe about them.

    north-exit   1 day 5 hours ago
  • Bulldozer

    Some excellent points but these bots scale better with MPs and the final Devastator is bonkers in terms of size and articulation.

    TattooedRobot   1 day 5 hours ago
  • Bulldozer

    So do the forearms connect? I thought I saw the forearms connect back to back with the drills on either end?

    TattooedRobot   1 day 5 hours ago
  • Venom

    He looks like he was modeled after Todd McFarlane's Venom, pre-90's extreme tongue & fangs. Very cool.

    Optimal III   1 day 6 hours ago
  • Bulldozer

    I agree completely.

    Ender10000   1 day 10 hours ago
  • Bulldozer

    True. I guess I'm looking at it more of a technological standpoint that it's quite an achievement both technically and aesthetically. I love the designs of the individual robots so far and the way they look and the poses you can do. Nothing will ever be perfect. As far as comparing it to the constructicons of old I look at it as TFs reimagined in a great way...a new and refreshing point of view.

    Germanicus   1 day 12 hours ago
  • Venom

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to find this guy.

    Heavyarms   1 day 13 hours ago
  • I was mostly ramblin' about the comic and Gundam video games in general BUT when I finish the third Blue Destiny game let's do a podcast on all three!


    Destroy All Pod...   1 day 14 hours ago
  • Buon giorno Yamato. Hey guys, old listener here, returning after like 7 years afk. Finally got around to registering on Collection DX, mainly thanks to the DAPDX'cast. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode; felt like the old times when it was Jeremy & Andrew plus the occasional AWO member talking Oshii, and cracking puns at Shirow's exponies.

    I'm a fairly newbie when it comes to Gundams... my gateway Gundam was Seed, not cause I'm that young, but mainly cause the Wing characters never appealed to me as a guy, lol. I've scoped out quite a few of the newer Gundam games; mainly the Extreme Vs. line-up, and love the mishmash between some of the classic bad-arses like Char, the modern pilots like Gai & his orange shades, and my newer faves like Setsuna's Exia.

    I'm more of a shmups kind of guy, so if there's a Gundam STG y'all know about; anything that resembles Leynos, Starnia, Ikaruga, Asterbreed, and/or Thunder Force with Gundams would be absolutely jellybeans, and I'd be ecstatic to hear about!

    lunaswav3   1 day 19 hours ago
  • OMG yes please! great idea!

    Gazbot   2 days 3 hours ago
  • Master Gundam

    I'm kind of bummed after reading this review. I had been eyeing this guy for awhile. For some reason I always loved the wild and wacky G Gundam mecha. I used to have the full MSIA set. And the Master Grade Master Gundam model remains one of Bandai's finest ever offerings. (Sadly mine was lost in a move years ago :_( )

    This guy seems disappointing not just for the lack of stability when posing (something the 10+ year old built it yourself did beautifully at the same price point) but the lack of accessories. Where is the cloak transformation for the wing that wraps around the robot? The absence of that is huge. (Lemme guess Japanese Web Exclusive Accesory Kit? ) I know the point of Robot Damashii is really well done perfectly detailed and articulated figures. It just seems like Bandai has delivered much better, at a better price point, for this robot, in the past.

    faelon   2 days 12 hours ago
  • "He is both stunning and amazingly frustrating at the same time."

    That one sentence can be applied to every Revoltech figure ever.

    Heavyarms   2 days 12 hours ago

    JoshB   2 days 14 hours ago
  • Bulldozer

    Is most peoples complaint. The design itself is very divisive though. There are people that love the clear purple parts, and people that hate it, there are people that love the detail, and people that hate it.

    Transformers have been around for so long, and there have been so many different versions of each character, that you're never going to get consensus on what design style looks good.

    Ender10000   2 days 15 hours ago
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