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  • Mecha Hopzilla

    I demand a size comparison.

    Jmann   1 hour 1 min ago
  • Cindarr

    "In the 80's having a figure with more than 5 points of articulation was a revelation, you 90's kids don't know how lucky you were!"

    Micronauts and Microman (which GI Joe ARAH borrowed their articulation design and scale from) had MORE articulation than any of these during the 70s and even before Star Wars came along,, thanks to Takara's toy inventor Iwakichi Ogawa, creator of the "o-ring" and 3 3/4" (or more precisely, the 10cm) action figure format back in Japan in 1974 (resized and redesigned from the Hasbro 12" GI Joe-based Henshin Cyborg series, so it goes full circle, too!). Five points of articulation? Well let's see...

    Neck ball joint.
    2 rotating swivel shoulders.
    2 swivel elbows
    2 rotating wrist cuffs
    2 ball jointed wrists
    1 O-ring articulated waist
    2 ball jointed hips
    2 swivel jointed knees
    2 rotating spats/ankle "cuffs"
    2 ball jointed ankles

    The rotating cuffs are somewhat redundant as they are used to attach the ball joints to the limbs but even if we don't count those, we're talking 16 points of articulation on a 3 3/4" series of figures from the SEVENTIES. :D

    You kids keep getting on my damn lawn... ;)

    microbry   3 hours 42 min ago
  • Mecha Hopzilla

    You forgot to mention all the diecast !!

    Mazinkaizer   9 hours 39 min ago
  • Transformable Plane

    They seem to be finding me. I'm like the strange airplane related battery operated toy orphanage.

    VF5SS   9 hours 43 min ago
  • Transformable Plane

    I love the fact that you're building a bit of a collection of horrible stuff like this, even if it's not entirely your doing. Someone needs to show these toys some love.

    NekroDave   10 hours 47 min ago
  • Mecha Hopzilla

    I love seeing stuff like this! Thanks for posting it up. I'd never heard of this before. The bit about Toho doesn't surprise me in the least, though. They're pretty notorious for cracking down on stuff like that. Out of all the "Creepy Classics" figures that could be found at dollar stores a couple years ago, Godzilla is far and away the rarest because Toho complained and they had to be pulled from shelves. :(

    NekroDave   10 hours 57 min ago
  • Mecha Hopzilla

    How's the posability?

    recognizer   11 hours 59 min ago
  • Solid Snake

    "SORTACOM." I got a real chuckle from that one.

    Corduroy Bear   16 hours 31 min ago
  • Rahxephon

    Nice review. Nice toy. let's see the Orguss toys!!!

    warrhead   1 day 22 hours ago
  • Solid Snake

    Wow, this figure dates back to my year of birth. It's fascinating to see how toys have gone from this to super-articulated Revoltechs and SHF's

    Aquarion Zodia   1 day 23 hours ago
  • I need this.

    evaunit01   2 days 1 hour ago
  • Getter Poseidon

    I am a sucker for working tank treads and this got me drooling.

    Turly an awesome piece of artwork.

    kurochan_24   2 days 4 hours ago
  • Solid Snake

    I'm no hero...I AM THE LAW!

    SpaceRunaway   2 days 6 hours ago
  • Cindarr

    Tempting LOL, but no thank you. I have given up collecting and haven't added anything to my collection in about a year......also if I got Mortdred I would have to try and get all the others back for the complete collection. I seen the Skyclaw review.

    Mark M   2 days 8 hours ago
  • YF-19 with FAST Packs

    Great review. Looking forward to getting mine, then not being able to open it for six months due to other stuff I have to review!

    JoshB   2 days 9 hours ago
  • YF-19 with FAST Packs

    This figure looks cool. Even though I haven't seen any of the Macross series (They're on my To-Watch list) I still want this figure. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to get it.

    Slyder5597   2 days 10 hours ago
  • Falcon Z1

    What's with the random spider man display photo?

    Slyder5597   2 days 12 hours ago
  • This ship should have been transformable. It's just one of those designs that looks like a transformer yet it didn't.

    EVA_Unit_4A   2 days 20 hours ago
  • I would like to get one! Can you please tell me the size of the model? Like lenght from front to tail, hight of the tail..

    Puppet   2 days 20 hours ago
  • Rahxephon

    I don't know anything about Raideen, but it seems to me that "Raxephon" was one of the first anime of the mid-to-late '90s to attempt to imitate the tone and visuals that made "Neon Genesis Evangelion" such a controversial success. "Genesis of Aquarion" and "Brain Powered" were a few others, though I'm sure there are more that escape me at the moment.

    EVA_Unit_4A   2 days 20 hours ago
  • Cindarr

    i might be selling my skyclaw with mortdred, i did a review for that set last week if you`re interested?

    tanuki   2 days 20 hours ago
  • Cindarr

    Cindarr was the last Visionaries figure I bought when I got back into collecting in 2004. I never got around to completing the set with Mortdredd and the Sky Claw.
    ''Horn of Unicorn, claw of Dragon'', was a good episode with Cindarr and Lexor.

    Mark M   2 days 22 hours ago
  • Rahxephon

    "In my opinion Raxephon is the true successor to Raideen, more so than the “official” re-imaginings of Raideen itself."

    I agree with the author's opinion. :)

    If it weren't so pricey, I'd like to see a color scheme closer to that of Raideen just to see...

    sdsichero   3 days 8 hours ago
  • Skids

    Were the hips on backwards on your figure? Also, my figure doesn't have the serial number problem.

    Slyder5597   3 days 11 hours ago
  • Anytime someone mentions Kamen Rider Gaim, I get a craving for fruit......

    Autobot Alex   3 days 13 hours ago
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