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  • Su-37M2 Terminator

    I've read all of your Muv Luv figure reviews over the past few years (thank you!), and while I appreciate the originality of the designs, there's something that never quite clicks: the aircraft references. I feel like, almost without exception, the only way these mecha reference the aircraft that supposedly inspire them are in the jump units (which typically just look like half of the actual plane worn as an ornament) and - sometimes - in the paint schemes. It's like, I could really get into them as stand-alone designs, but instead they insist on doing a "crossover" gimmick in the most half-assed way possible, and it completely turns me off.
    Am I missing some aspect of it? Is my prejudice senseless?
    Teach me to luv Muv Luv, veef!

    Corduroy Bear   10 hours 38 min ago
  • I've noticed people are being overly critical of this figure, and I strongly disagree... so here's my two cents.

    Firstly, here is a pic of some simple paint work (on my Predator) that enhances the facial scarring -

    And another pic of him using the correct hands for the shuriken (I had no problems) -

    Bandai's Wolf Predator has excellent articulation, a plethora of accessories and an okay price. He's about 7" tall and is well proportioned with molded details that are slightly crisper than NECA's Predator offerings along with superior paint aps. Anyone that is complaining about paint aps is being nit-picky, the details that are present easily punch above their weight. My only complaint would be that the scarring on his face should have been more prominent, but an easy fix nonetheless.

    This figure is fun to handle, and more enjoyable to pose and photograph than any of my NECA figures - and especially more so than my Hot Toys Predator figures - which are in need of updated (more sophisticated) ankle joints. If you like to pose and handle your figures, or like me just wanted one specifically for this purpose, you've found your Predator.

    Some people complain about the body armour & the face mandibles popping off too easy. The mandibles could have fit better, but otherwise all is executed perfectly, the parts get knocked-off because they are simply there, not as a consequence of poor design, and mind you, I have ZERO problems in this department. Once you are aware of the accessory locations on his body, you instinctively avoid them.

    As for parts and accessories breaking... people that are making these claims might want to consider what they are doing wrong, because this figure is no more fragile than what would commonly be expected from an adult collectible of this nature. Something of note is that you will receive different accessories based on which version you buy. One is the "Cleaner" version, while the other is the "heavy armor" version. They both have accessories that are unique unto themselves.

    Ultimately this figure captures what's fun about action figures - a convenient size, accessories galore and, simply put, just fun to "play" with. I hope Bandai has more planned for this line, as it's a great design that perfectly straddles the point between Neca's entry level Predator line and Hot Toys' high-end Predator line.

    As far as I'm concerned this Predator is a must buy for fans of the creature design, and people that enjoy a well-engineered action figure, that's also fun. Worth every dime. -Chris

    north-exit   1 day 1 hour ago
  • I'm excited for the Origin's OAV film series. I can't wait for the model of this one!

    Rob   1 day 3 hours ago
  • Gemini Saga EX

    Wooow, Saga is my favorite character! When I saw his first Cloth Myth figure, I fell in love with its lots of pieces. Too bad that the EX version has no Pope accessories. :( The Galaxian Explosion effect part seems to have been exceptionally included as a guilty compensation for that.

    To make him even more similar to the show, they could have included hands with golden fingers and a totally blacked out face to simulate his earlier scary dummy illusion (I was really scared by that when I was a child!). But maybe they just drew it like that due to some laziness, since it was not like that on Hades chapter and even his 1987 figure only had his eyes blacked out:

    Yeah, his one-faced figure was really sold with the face partially painted black (again because their figures were released before we know the identity of some Saints). Even though, I've always wanted that figure (and would even buy nowadays that charming 1987 version if I had plenty of money!).

    It's a wonderful figure, though. The Object is pretty gorgeous. Nice review.

    It would be nice if they had included his two hair tones from the manga, which had his bad personality with dark hair instead. It seems Bandai only includes manga variations for the armors, though, releasing figures with different manga colors separately. A crying version for the helmet good face would make a nice Appendix too.

    Strawberry Dream   1 day 3 hours ago
  • Hydra Ichi

    On the contrary, it would be a good excuse, since Kido couldn't have done the job alone in so little time, lol.

    It makes me imagine how Ichi looked like as a baby... I'm scared.

    Strawberry Dream   1 day 3 hours ago
  • Capricorn Shura EX

    Sorry for the late reply. I believe that is the effect part that came with the SRC Dekaranger Robo.

    SentaiSeiya   1 day 4 hours ago
  • Hydra Ichi

    If you go by the manga though, all of the Bronzes were fathered by Mr. Kido. So it would be really weird if Tatsumi provided any of the genes for that baby. Though it would make for a good episode of Maury.

    SentaiSeiya   1 day 4 hours ago
  • Hydra Ichi

    Oh, God, he hasn't even got eyes...

    As he himself says, "fights are always defined by beauty", so that's probably why he sucks so much...

    He still has one of the coolest secondary Bronze Clothes, even if it's just a lazy version of the legendary Hydra, with the heads substituted by those foolish nonsense claws. But the figure's clothes are dark, while in the show they were light green. Why? Even though, the dark color looks a lot better on him than the green one.

    Nice review. He's a kinda funny character with a kinda strange Cloth, that's probably why I wanted his figure when I was a child. His smirking face is just priceless.

    By the way, he could possibly be Tatsumi's son, since he was also drawn eyeless sometimes...

    Strawberry Dream   1 day 5 hours ago
  • Lionet Ban

    His face is really ugly. However, his anime/manga face is ugly too, so he looks faithful, lol

    But, oh my God, what is that Object thing? No comments...

    Well, this character still owns one of the funniest moments of the manga, when he uses his Lionet Bomber against the Sanctuary soldiers and adds "Wow, I've finally talked in this manga!"

    Strawberry Dream   1 day 5 hours ago
  • Capricorn Shura EX

    Most of the EX figures are super-duper well made. However, while I don't even notice in most of figures, a few of them make me wonder why the abdomen just had to be so thin. Shura is one of them, maybe because the lack of details of his waist armor or because it's much thinner than his chest armor (or both). That's funny especially because when he first appears on the show he kinda looks like a juicer gym boy with his big chest.

    Besides that, I thought we could get a version of his right arm partially amputed by Shiryu (but I think we could just take his hand off, lol).

    But it's still a great release (and a great review!), even if it's not one of my favorite characters. His manga helmet is an absolute charm! The other helmet is cool too, but even on the show it looked strange with its enormous horns. By the way, just as asked above, does the Excalibur effect part come with this release?

    Just adding: he in fact says "Ekkusukaribaa"! :P

    Strawberry Dream   1 day 5 hours ago
  • Ex Libra Dohko

    Thanks for the compliments! To explain why I am a big Saint Seiya fan, I spent a few years in Mexico when I was younger.

    The EX line is pretty awesome and BIG upgrade from the 80's toys. I too am looking forward to the EX Aquarius because it is my sign and also the last of the Gold Saints to be made in the EX line. Hopefully I can get the EX Hyoga review done before then. I have been pretty busy as of late and the holidays are pretty much upon us.

    Anyways, thanks for reading and for sharing your experience with the Saint Seiya toys.

    SentaiSeiya   1 day 21 hours ago
  • SIC Masked Rider 2

    Thanks for the correction. It just goes to show that I am a Heisei Kamen Rider noob.

    SentaiSeiya   1 day 21 hours ago
  • Ex Libra Dohko

    I've read almost all (including Atom's reviews). It's odd there being someone from USA who really likes Saint Seiya. It's a kinda old-fashioned show that probably wouldn't seem attractive nowadays.

    I've still got in somewhere the old 1987 model of Libra Dohko. It was my first Saint Seiya figure. It's kinda special for me, since when I watched the show in the 90s as a child, I've been given it as a surprise present. Initially, I didn't like it because he hadn't appeared in the show after the first 52 episodes which were broadcasted at that time (and one or two years later, after having seen all the episodes and movies, I found that he didn't show up at all!). However, while I played, I found that he was in fact the coolest figure of all the Gold Saints, even if I didn't know his actual name until I've grown up. It had a lot of parts like no other.

    Too bad that the old 1987 models just could not stand up with all the armor pieces at their places easily. Especially Libra, which had a lot of weight! His armor just fell down most of the time. But hey! The figure was actually awesome, since even if he couldn't move so much when he donned his armor, he was articulated as hell! I could move Dohko sans armor to whatever position I wanted. He even had articulated hands (not like nowadays, when you just swap his hands), it was pretty impressing for me. Besides that, the Object Mode was really beautiful. In fact, the Object Mode was the only thing you could call perfectly functional in the 1987 line, since armor pieces rarely fell down from the Objects if compared to the figures.

    An interesting thing I recently found about the 1987 Saint Cloth line is that, pretty much like it happened in some other countries, it was released in Japan before the conclusion of the Sanctuary arc on the TV, so even some characters which hadn't been shown up yet had their figures in the stores. You can even find an old picture of Pisces Aphrodite with his eyes blacked out and a different skin tone because of that. It's said that his figure was actually Shun with a different coloration (he even had green hair). Maybe it's also due to that reason that Dohko looked kinda generic in this old line, even in the cover illustration (

    Unfortunately, I haven't bought any Saint Seiya figures since I was a child. But I still like them, even if I'm not into Saint Seiya as before. This new EX Cloth Myth line sounds like a dream.

    Well, sorry for having written such a long text, I just got carried away. I'll be looking forward to reading the review about the new EX Aquarius Camus, if it's possible, since he was another character whose 1987 model I got!

    Strawberry Dream   2 days 5 hours ago
  • EM-208

    If I wasn't certain that there'll be a Hot Toys Ultron figure (or several) for Avengers 2, this would make a great stand-in. As it is it looks like it still could be one of Ultron's minions.

    atom smasher   2 days 20 hours ago
  • EM-208

    I haven't seen the reboot, so maybe this is accurate to the source material, but his legs look awfully short to me. It might in part be an optical illusion created by his long and narrow abdomen, but in some shots I would swear his legs are barely longer than his arms.

    I don't mean to knock the figure - the design is gorgeous, the mechanical detail looks amazing, and the weathering appears top notch. It just looks more like Gimli's proportions than Robocop's.

    Corduroy Bear   2 days 22 hours ago
  • Chrysaor Krishna

    It is very possible Adam was not aware of the fact that Shaka was an Indian character.

    SentaiSeiya   2 days 23 hours ago
  • Kamen Rider Kiva

    Go for it my friend. Certainly worth the money with all those metal.

    Ghost_XIII   2 days 23 hours ago
  • Chrysaor Krishna

    Maybe you don't know, but in Saint Seiya the character named Shaka is also Indian. He appears much more than Krishna and in fact he's a good guy. Atom has even made a review about his figure. Maybe even he didn't know that Virgo Shaka was Indian.

    Strawberry Dream   3 days 46 min ago
  • Holy Teeny!
    This guy is on my list, however, it'll probably be the KO version. My only complaint is the male rat-like scrotum hanging out the back, otherwise love it!

    Kenny G   3 days 2 hours ago
  • MUCH better than the initial pictures of it showed.

    VZMK2   3 days 11 hours ago
  • Fewture is just distributing in regions where HL Pro does not have the direct license. It's the same toy.

    JoshB   3 days 12 hours ago
  • Kamen Rider Kiva

    this is so cool, as a kiva fan i wish i had it

    Spearichu   3 days 13 hours ago
  • Dragonar-1 Custom

    I was getting a real Strike Gundam vibe from this design, particularly the knives and the Ootori-like backpack. But Dragonar predates SEED by about fifteen years. Checked the Gundam Wiki and, sure enough, Okawara is credited with "cleanup" on the Strike's design. So, I guess "cleanup" means getting your mecha ready for robot knife fight.

    Corduroy Bear   3 days 20 hours ago
  • I'm sure you've seen it by now furiousstylze... EE, BBTS etc have them up now.

    I think I shall wait for the chrome/metallic paint version I've seen.
    Is this ^^ HL PRO or Fewture? Confusing!
    Not sure why that sign says Metaltech 06DX??

    Also- anyone know the diff between the HL PRO and the Fewture release??

    Grandzinga   3 days 23 hours ago
  • I remember seeing the Godzilla Wars figures back in the day. However, I don't remember the ones with accessories at all. Looking at this review, what I loved most about this figure is not only the extra firepower, but the derpy-looking face that MechaGodzilla II normally has is replaced with one that actually looks sinister and evil. This is exactly how a kaiju-killing machine is supposed to look.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   4 days 1 hour ago
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