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  • Cure Melody



    I'll never forget when I realized that pun; GG, Suite Precure.

    VIR   1 day 15 hours ago
  • Combiner Wars Rook

    That one pic of Blades carrying Rook reminds of the head vehicle from Dynaman.

    VZMK2   1 day 21 hours ago
  • Combiner Wars Rook

    It seems like the common expectation is for Mr. Rook to be remolded into Brawl for the upcoming Combaticons. He looks like a fantastic APC, but I'm skeptical how well he'll work as a tank, particularly since his turret would presumably just be his combiner piece. I guess we'll see soon enough.

    Corduroy Bear   2 days 10 hours ago
  • Combiner Wars Rook

    I haven't been a Transformers collector, but got persuaded by the CW combiners. Of the limbs I've bought, this is my favorite, at least in part because it's not a re-mold of one of the other limbs. It makes me appreciate all the great design choices a little more. (And you're right about the arm-flaps.)

    I like attaching a few of the other Protectobots' combiner weapons to his backpack so that he looks hilariously well-armed.

    Jetman Purple   2 days 17 hours ago
  • Combiner Wars Rook

    He's definitely his own character, but the head design makes me think of Captain Gridiron from G.I. Joe. Make him green and yellow, and you've got another 'Joe-themed figure to go with the Powerglide repaint.

    Optimal III   2 days 17 hours ago
  • They are standard retail releases.

    VF5SS   3 days 33 min ago
  • Wait, this ISN'T an exclusive?

    Tetsuryu   3 days 10 hours ago
  • Fighting Glowgons

    My brother had this and I believe we still have the bird at least, around somewhere. The rubber figures were lame but GI-Joe figures looked great riding that bird!

    Harvey   3 days 19 hours ago
  • Fighting Glowgons

    I don't even remember this toyline!

    Showapop   3 days 20 hours ago
  • Fighting Glowgons

    I had all of these, they were so shitty, but I loved them.

    Chogokin Dez   3 days 21 hours ago
  • Fighting Glowgons

    On that note "Blackstar" was another one... but I didn´t like those much. I was more fond of the smaller scale figures.

    Aeonstream   4 days 5 hours ago
  • Fighting Glowgons

    For some reason I loved these. Most friends had the Kontory, or "phoenix" as we called it.
    I had a humanoid reptile called Froggacuda, which I really digged.
    I think part of the charm, at least in Italy, was the commercial on the weekly Mickey Mouse, which IIRC was a nice diorama. I woudl have bought anything with a diorama as commercial (I´m looking at you, Smurfs)

    Aeonstream   4 days 5 hours ago
  • I really love ChanxCo's designs and wish we could get more figures in his stryle. Akagi has the best pouty face out of all the bath time collections and the water wheel is pretty weak but it's the most stable of the designs I think. KTKM's makes her kind of unbalanced and start tilting.

    siningy   4 days 11 hours ago
  • Titanium Rodimus Prime

    I just looked the Bison Bullet up, and wow, I can definitely see that too. Of course, what will really blow me away is if anyone ever actually builds a G1 Rodimus replica out of one of these or from scratch. I imagine sooner or later some fan is going to have the means and will to pull it off.

    Optimal III   4 days 14 hours ago
  • Titanium Rodimus Prime

    I'd first heard of the Citroen Tissier when I saw promoting a car show that happened to have one, and they said it was the inspiration for Rodimus's vehicle mode. It's probably the most apt real world counterpart. I know some other fans have suggested he's sort of like the GMC Bison Bullet concept truck.

    VF5SS   4 days 16 hours ago
  • Combiner Wars Dead End

    They seem to have fixed things up with Streetwise at least. I'll be covering him soon.

    VF5SS   4 days 16 hours ago
  • Combiner Wars Dead End

    I just opened mine up last night, and he's the same. I wouldn't call him loose, but he's definitely not rigid. It's like he was "broken in" at the factory before I got him. However, this doesn't seem to be isolated to him, because my Offroad is also in the same shape, right out of the package. So maybe not every Deadend is doomed after all. I'm definitely getting the Takara set too, so I see that as better insuring the survival of Deadend as a species.

    Optimal III   4 days 16 hours ago
  • Titanium Rodimus Prime

    Interesting. I could never think of anything to compare his alt mode too besides a Winnebago, and that's all I've ever heard or read anyone else pointing at. But the Cirtroen Tissier Loadrunner definitely fits the bill. I'll remember that.

    He's not perfect, but definitely satisfying. Enough that I'd like to get the Menasor repaint some day.

    Optimal III   4 days 16 hours ago
  • Wait, so basically this is an action figure...wearing a small costume? Can anyone say AWESOME!!!

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   5 days 16 hours ago
  • Why yes, it certainly is! This was actually in the instruction manual for the original. Matter of fact, if you Google "G1 Devastator toy" right now most of the results will show a picture of him with a gun on the side of his head.

    Scarfang_The_Slayer   6 days 10 hours ago
  • Web Exclusive?! Oh no, I need to make sure that I get this ASAP!

    Quelyn   6 days 11 hours ago
  • Is that a blaster sticking out of its head?

    Jetman Purple   6 days 14 hours ago
  • ...Bandai... we've got to talk about these exclusives, all of them. The excitement is too heavy for my wallet!

    Rob   1 week 19 hours ago
  • Thank you for the correction.

    VF5SS   1 week 22 hours ago
  • The placard indicates that this is still in the planning stages, so I wonder is the model on display isn't just a mock-up.

    SpaceRunaway   1 week 1 day ago
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