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  • This was the toku inspired by afros.

    Jmann   4 hours 29 min ago
  • that's Jiban:D the original robocop:D

    narshkajke   5 hours 24 min ago
  • this the toku that was inspired by Robocop?

    Tetsuryu   10 hours 25 min ago
  • Star Saber

    Spectacular, I especially like how you recreated his transformation stock footage. Star Saber is the only Masterpiece figure I own and he's absolutely one of my all-time favorite toys, I'm glad he's getting such rave reviews.

    StarSaber   14 hours 52 min ago
  • Really enjoying this series! You can tell a lot of hard work and research went into what each piece was.

    JoshB   22 hours 46 min ago
  • New instructions for the LED? ... Maybe it will have lights for the 'lion's mane' ?

    Rob   1 day 1 hour ago
  • HGAC Wing Gundam Zero

    I hate when that happens. You should totally stock up for next time! I prefer a square cut tooth pick, easier to shave flat one one edge.
    Still, it should be an easy clean up with the GM300 "Gundam Marker Eraser." just decant a little bit of it from the pen into a paint cup and wipe off the excess paint without stabbing the painted area.

    Rob   1 day 1 hour ago
  • HGAC Wing Gundam Zero

    Thanks Rob! All my painting is done with Gundam Markers, store bought silver and gold markers, and permanent markers for white parts. I was in a bit of a building crunch and couldn't find toothpicks in my house for some reason when I was painting. ^_^;

    ArshadAA   1 day 7 hours ago
  • yeah, I don't blame you, but one could find a used or incomplete set for cheap...

    Gazbot   1 day 11 hours ago
  • HGAC Wing Gundam Zero

    Nice build! Glad you showed some of your work in progress work too. it's always great to see how everybody likes to build. I paint details while they're on the runners too and then I clean up my borders when I start to fit painted areas together.

    I know how you feel about those yellow tips on the wings, seriously. Bandai can do back-insert plates in yellow plastic and injection frame out mold the blue ends, but its cheaper to have decals. Or paint.

    did you use enamel?

    I was thinking of how you can clean up those edges and excess paint away with a toothpick (or a tamiya cotton tip swab) and a little solvent.

    Rob   1 day 14 hours ago
  • I know that making 40 different armor designs must have been a task but I'm a little disappointed to learn that a lot of them are just pallette-swaps.

    RobotBastard   1 day 14 hours ago
  • Star Saber

    This guy is great I bought 2.... But I have wished for a decent SS for years.

    I am looking forward to some 3rd party upgrades. I know a brain is getting made, wholly different figure and I think a new sword. I am holding out hope for X2 Toys to give me some diecast hips but I doubt it.

    The saddest thing when getting a big TT toy is realizing what Bandai could have done. I would give an arm for Bandai to do an MP Transformer anything. SOC still in my opinion has the best fit and finish.

    Great review huge time commitment.

    TattooedRobot   1 day 15 hours ago
  • Star Saber

    His hips and knees are quite sturdy (and loud).

    VF5SS   1 day 15 hours ago
  • Star Saber

    " TFW thread"

    It's why you come here.

    Let the healing begin.

    VF5SS   1 day 15 hours ago
  • Star Saber

    It's still too far from a domestic US release, but I saw online somewhere that in the Australian release, Hasbro's going with another 'translation' of Star Saber with his IDW comics' persona of being a religious zealot and enforcer of the Tyrest accord... Though looking at his Masterpiece he's just too heroic!

    Amazing review, such a magnificent piece of Ohkawara plastic!

    Rob   1 day 17 hours ago
  • Star Saber

    Very cool. He's definitely on the must-have list, just not right now. I was really rooting for Fortress Maximus in that pole, but since we're probably getting a Titan-class version in the near future, it worked out. As you said, the question is if Victory Leo will happen, and when. Do Star Saber's joints seem strong enough to support the weight of that would-be backpack? I could see the boots being used to keep him stable and planted.

    Next year is the 20th anniversary of Beast Wars and 30th anniversary of the animated movie. We already know Optimus Primal is on the way, so I'm guessing we'll also see Ratchet, BW Megatron, maybe a new G1 Megatron, and maybe a long awaited Galvatron. Would they do him next year? Or put him off till Victory's next anniversary and re-issue Star Saber to coincide?

    Optimal III   1 day 17 hours ago
  • Star Saber

    I'm not t he biggest transformers fan, but I've apparently owned most of the MPs at one point or another. Star Saber was the only one I was super excited for and have still kept. I love the figure but I wish TT would step up the QC. The loose left elbow everyone seems to have isn't a deal breaker but its one of those things that you wouldn't expect a large toy company like TT to get through. Also I wish the large sword hilt was a thicker and let blade face forward, even though it didn't do that on the original. Still hoping if/when Victory Leo comes out!

    The worst decision of my life was reading the TFW thread for Victory Saber... "Star Saber is just a partsformer"

    siningy   1 day 17 hours ago
  • Their hair is always so nice...

    VF5SS   1 day 21 hours ago
  • Who's the real pretty solider anyways? An animated girl or the beautiful men of Kamen Rider?

    siningy   1 day 22 hours ago
  • Orion

    I picked this guy up loose at botcon last year and I've gotta say, everything you've said is correct. He's pretty much the star of my collection outside of my actual vintage/reissue G1 stuff. I was amazed at how well he was designed, I couldn't stop fiddling with him the entire rest of the day. Which pretty much meant sitting there with my GF at panels transforming and re-transforming this figure for the entire duration of said panels. It was a good day.

    Ace of the Rebellion   1 day 23 hours ago
  • Orion

    Thanks! If I could pick which guy to be, "Prime guy" would definitely be it. Ironically, I've only got one more on tap for review at the moment, but I'm sure there will be more down the road.

    Optimal III   2 days 12 hours ago
  • Orion

    I'd like to echo VF5SS's sentiments. This was great. Keep it up!

    Fartwarp   2 days 16 hours ago
  • Battle Σ

    I really like this idea for a series of reviews! It needs a snappy title though, like "The Road to Mold Degradation." The color scheme on this one is really spiffy as well.

    Fartwarp   2 days 17 hours ago
  • Orion

    I think it's cool that you're like our Prime guy. Please keep up the good work.

    VF5SS   2 days 17 hours ago
  • Paper walls, straw matts, a kerosene fueled space heater being used for cooking. The 80's nostalgic Fire Marshall in me is horrified just looking at that play set. Who needs Godzilla to burn down the city.

    faelon   2 days 18 hours ago
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