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Video Review: EM-208

"By your command imperious leader" - wait, wrong movie.

Video Review: King of Beast

An impressive first release from newcomer Mad Toys.

Video Review: 18" TIE Pilot

Space is the place for Star Wars.

Video Review: Ultra Magnus

Galoob's attempt to deal with Ultra Magnus.

Video Review: Barattack


Video Review: Legioss and Tread (Iota)

Legioss and Tread (Iota)

Video Review: Tetsukyojin


Video Review: Mugen Calibur

Mugen Calibur

Video Review: AV-98 Ingram - 1&2 (OVA Ver.)

AV-98 Ingram - 1&2 (OVA Ver.)

Video Review: VV-54A Calibur

One of the green boys.

Video Review: Robot Damashii GAT-01 Strike Dagger

While a good entry in the Robot Damashii line that has some fantastic points, it not without a few glaring faults

Video Review: The Crow

It can't rain all the time...

Video Review: Great Mazinger

Great things come in small packages! (sorry, that's the best I could do.)

Video Review: Wheeljack

A miracle of modern Transformers (mad) science.

Video Review: ARX-8 Laevatein

The Metal Build ARX-8 Laevatein is the best representation of this mech that we've gotten so far.

Video Review: Armored Black Ranger (SDCC Exclusive)

We did it guys. We can all go home now.

Video Review: DX Build Ressha

This one is for the fans of construction trains and clusterf@*ks

Video Review: Flyboy Zombie

When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk your toy shelves!

Video Review: Samus Aran

A fantastic release from one of Nintendo's most iconic game franchises.

Video Review: Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form

Frankly for a nearly 7 year old figure Kuuga is still more than acceptable.

No fear, no pain! Den-O from TokuNation brings the noise for SUPER REVIEW WARS DX!

Video Review: YF-30 Chronos

"Siegfried One! Launching!"

Video Review: Beast Wars II Lio Convoy

Lio Convoy is the Optimus Primal of Beast Wars II, only he's a lion. SUPER REVIEW WARS DX CONTINUES!

Video Review: Columpio

It’s time for a fresh new take on a 30 year old toy. This review for Super Review Wars DX was done by

Video Review: Atlas

We get a special advance look at the upcoming release from ThreeZero! This thing is INSANE.

Video Review: ToysRus Exclusive Infinite Cyclops

It's weird how a toy can change your perspective on a comic book costume that you think you hate. This review is part of SUPER REVIEW WARS and is brought to you by The Fwoosh

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