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Physical games, including Board Games, hand-held games, role playing games and similar. Not for video game related merchandise.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Franki Franki Game, Monsters
Halo 3: ODST Halo 3: ODST Game 2009
Vampire Hunter: The Game Vampire Hunter: The Game Game 2002
7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid Game, Transforming Toy 2009
3A Metal Gear REX ThreeA Toys Metal Gear REX Action Figure, Designer Toy, Game, Vehicle, Video Games 2012
RIO:bone Tripod RIO:bone Tripod Action Figure, Game, Robot Toy, Video Games 2013
Destro-Bot Destro-Bot Game, Jumbo Machinder, Machinder, Vehicle
Funny Game Hikkurikaeru Funny Game Hikkurikaeru Game 1980
Raideen Purintogoma Raideen Purintogoma Ephemera, Game 1976
Carddass Quest Vol 1 Lacroan Hero Carddass Quest Vol 1 Lacroan Hero 1 Game 2015
Jehuty Anubis Ver Jehuty Anubis Ver. 111 Action Figure, Character Toy, Game, Video Games 2011
Carddass Quest Vol 2 The Legendary Giant Carddass Quest Vol 2 The Legendary Giant 2 Game 2015
Raideen Karuta Raideen Karuta CN-754 Ephemera, Game 1976
Raideen Sugoroku Fukuwarai set Raideen Sugoroku Fukuwarai set CN-774 Game 1975
Raideen Trump Card Set Raideen Trump Card Set CN-790 Ephemera, Game 1975

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