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Karakuri Kyokan- The Shinobi Machines Assembled! Video Review: Karakuri Kyokan- The Shinobi Machines Assembled!

We got back to some old-school action with the mecha in the “Hurricanger” line while other facets of the series dazzled us with their quirky ingenuity.

Video review included!

Video Review: YF-21 Valkyrie

Guld Goa Bowman's YF-21 Valkyrie from Macross Plus is realized in Revoltech form. With Video comparison with the GNU series YF-21

YF-19 Valkyrie Video Review: YF-19 Valkyrie

On the planet Eden, two test pilots battle it out for for the contract and the girl. In this corner, Isamu Dyson and the YF-19 Valkyrie...

Video Review: YF-21 Valkyrie

The YF-21 looks nothing like any valkyrie that has come before it. It has a definite Zentradi influence to it, looking more like a Q-Rau than a Valkyrie. I'm sure this is no coincidence - it's pilot is half Zentradi.

Video Review: VF-11B Valkyrie

In a way the VF-11B is the little valk that could.. it's the underdog, and I always have a soft spot for the underdog. Includes video overview of all the Macross Plus GNU-DOU

Video Review: YF-19 Valkyrie

The big question is - are they worth it? The GNU-DOU average about 1,000 yen (about $10) more than a Revoltech. Honestly - I think they are. They are made out of a better material, are sturdier, and are a little larger. For a non-transforming toy, the...

Video Review: Raideen DX Fade in Set

If I had the choice to get only one Raideen set, I would get the DX set. I just love the classic look of the white limbs, and the God Face Mountain is like getting a whole additional toy.

Raideen Video Review: Raideen

Raideen is a good toy, but somehow I think I was hoping for something different. I guess that can’t be helped when you wait for something for so long.

Five Robo Video Review: Five Robo

After a bit of a hiatus, CDX's resident Jumbo apologist returns with another JM review and makes a case for the much maligned Five Robo. With video!

Video Review: Engine Gattai Series #2- Engine Gunpherd

One thing is immediately clear about this character- he would never have been considered if this had been an American TV series aimed at kids!

Video review included!

Video Review: Engine Gattai Series #4 - Engine Birca

Despite having never been to Earth before now, Birca is a light-hearted multi-linguistic polyglot- frequently mixing Spanish, Italian, English, and Mandarin Chinese phrases in with his regular Japanese speech.

Video review...

Video Review: Shin Getter 2 (Anime-Export Weathered Version)

Shin Getter 2 (Anime-Export Weathered Version) improves on an already fantastic piece.

Video Review: Grand Pope Sion

This was an interesting choice for a Premium figure on Bandai's part, Grand Pope Sion is more or less an off screen character and what few seconds of flashback he does appear in does not look like this.

Video Review: Sagittarius Aiolos

The Gold Cloth that starts the whole adventure for our heroes....The Sagittarius Cloth.

Hades Shun Video Review: Hades Shun

The Lord of the Underworld reborn into my collection. It's another Premium release from the Saint Cloth Myth line; Hades Shun. SPOILERS WARNING. This article gives away important plot twists that happen late in the Hades Arc OVA's.

Aries Mu (with Appendix) Video Review: Aries Mu (with Appendix)

In this review I am covering both the actual Aries Mu release and the newest Appendix released for this character. By itself the Aries Mu release is OK, but combine it with the Appendix and this figure really shines. He may look feminine but he is...

Video Review: Neo Getter Black Version Anime Export Exclusive

The Neo Getter 1 Black Version is an Anime-Export Exclusive item - they brought a toy to life that Aoshima never produced. It's a great piece of gokin, and it GLOWS IN THE DARK. Read on, with video.

Video Review: Pocco

One of the newest releases from the Revoltech Fraulein line; Pocco has a real nice set of perky, full, well-displayed … wings. This character design could be considered borderline PG/PG-13 by some folk’s standards and the photos in this review reflect...

Deluxe Samurai Star Lightning Megazord Video Review: Deluxe Samurai Star Lightning Megazord

It is the same toy as the original Japanese DX Hishou Henkei Tenkujin, but about $30 cheaper!

Includes Video review!

Video Review: Regult

The Regult is the long-awaited enemy mecha from Macross, otherwise known as Robotech! With Video!

Gurren Lagann Video Review: Gurren Lagann

An affordable alternative to the expensive gokin toy - the Gurren Lagann anyone can own.

The Tingler Video Review: The Tingler



Thanatos Video Review: Thanatos

Let’s just say it up front. Thanatos –God of Death is the Saint Cloth Myth figure you will wish you had picked up when you had a chance.

Video Review: DX Engine Gattai Engine-Oh

It doesn’t raise the bar as far as DX toys go, but it doesn’t drop that 32-year-old ball either.

Includes Video review!

Groizer-X Video Review: Groizer-X

Heck if I know what "GN-U" stands for, but let me tell ya, as someone who's not particularly fond of modern gokin "collectibles" of classic Japanese super robots, Yamato's "The 'GN-U' Hagane" Groizer-X is a pleasant surprise.