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Godaikin – An Innovative series of Super Robots

The Godaikin brand was developed by Bandai America in 1984. Bandai had gotten word that shops were selling imported Japanese Chogokin toys in America, and they thought there would be a market in the US for these giant robot toys. The toys were metal and plastic, some transformed, and some shot missiles. Each was unique, and like nothing else seen at the time.

Aside from the packaging, the Godaikin versions of the toys are identical to the Japanese releases. The toys actually came in their original Styrofoam trays, and were re-packaged in the states.

Due to the high price tags and fragility of the toys, the line did not last long. Some of the toys retailed for as much as $80.00, and that is in 1984 dollars. The market was also crowded with many other transforming toy lines, such as Transformers and Go-Bots.

Godaikin toys were a gateway to the larger world of Japanese Toy collecting. Many people who had these as children seek them out in their adulthood, discovering a whole new world in the process.

Deluxe Godaikin Standard Godaikin Vehicles Other
  • Bio Man
  • Daidenjin
  • Daitetsujin 17
  • Dynaman
  • Leopardon
  • Daileon
  • Dancougar
  • Laserion
  • Machineman
  • Vavilos
  • Goggle Caesar
  • Shuttlebase
  • Dyjupiter
  • Bio Dragon
  • Abega
  • Machine Dolphin

Mini Godaikins

  • Combattra
  • Daitetsujin 17
  • Great mazinger
  • Leopardon
  • Voltes V

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Tetsujin 28 1984
Goggle V 1983
Combattra 1982
GA-85 Daimos 1984
GB-01, GB-02, PB-81 Daltanias 1979
GB-09, GB-10, GB-11 Gardian 1982
GB-18, GB-19, GB-20 God Sigma 1984
GB-97 Dynaman 1983
GB-97 Dynaman 1984
GC-12 Bio Man
GC-15 Laserion 1984
PB-04 - PB-08 Voltes V 1977
PC-39 Abega 1984
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