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Megazone 23

Megazone 23

Set in the future, the story of Megazone 23 was inspired by the popular anime program, Macross. In the Macross theatrical movie, Do You Remember Love? , the SDF-1 spaceship continues to broadcast (fabricated) transmissions of the idol singer Lynn Minmei during her period of captivity with the Zentradi in order to prevent the public from being aware of her disappearance. The creators of the Megazone anime video decided that they would increase the ignorance of their own spaceship's population, as they would not only be duped into idolizing a computer-generated singer, but would not even realize that they were on a spaceship.

The story revolves around a delinquent motorcyclist named Shogo Yahagi, who lives in what appears to be contemporary (1980s) Japan. His life is carefree and he spends his time riding around, working at McDonalds, and flirting with girls. After nearly running over a dancer named Yui Takanaka, he apologizes and manages to befriend her. Later on he unknowingly goes on a double date with his friend Mori and Yui's two roommates, Mai Yumekano and Tomomi Murashita. His life is changed abruptly when he bumps into an old friend, Shinji Nakagawa, shows him a military prototype motorcycle, the Garland. Soon after, mysterious agents arrive to apprehend him, and chaos ensues. Shogo escapes with the Garland.

The plot becomes more complicated as Shogo continues to make discoveries that alter his perception of the world. The motorcycle turns out to be transforming mecha (beyond the technological level of the 1980s, of course), the pop singer Eve Tokimatsuri is actually a computer simulation, rather than a flesh and blood person, and the population of the city unknowingly lives on a spaceship 500 years in the future (although they believe it is still the late 20th century). In addition to the strain of these revelations, he has troubles with his courtship of Yui, and the military is hunting him, led by a relentless officer called B.D.

Megazone 23 ( メガゾーン23) inspired two sequels which continue the (somewhat incomplete) story. The immediate sequel, Megazone 23 Part II, is something of an anomaly as the art averts the traditional anime style for more realistic looking characters. In addition, it contains more explicit scenes of violence and sex than its predecessor.

It is said by fans that a highlight of this series is the performance (both spoken and sung) of Miyasato Kumi as Eve Tokimatsuri.

Megazone 23 Part III is a rather disjointed sequel that occurs 500 years after Parts 1 and 2. Almost all of the characters except for Eve are new, and she appears as a 1000-year-old prodigy who is integrated into the system at the series end. (Wikipedia)

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Garland Action Figure, Macross / Robotech, Transforming Toy, Vehicle 2006
Garland (Factory Color Version) Action Figure, Macross / Robotech, Transforming Toy 2007
Proto Garland Macross / Robotech, Transforming Toy 2008
Hagan Hagan Action Figure, Robot Toy 2008
Space Hagan Space Hagan Action Figure, Robot Toy 2008
E=X Garland E=X Garland 04 Action Figure 2007
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