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DX Daikenjin Zubaan


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I checked a review on

I checked a review on YouTube about the Transforming Sentinel Zord (aka Zubaan in PROO) and it seems that they removed the Zubaan sounds as expected. Since PROO has the guy yelling 'Sentinel Knight!' instead of Zubaan, it is actually reasonable for the Zubaan sounds to be removed (correct me if I am wrong since the review never showed any Zubaan sounds). The clashing sounds and the light up still remains but the chromes on the chest and the head are gone, making him look more show accurate I would say. But honestly, why would BOA ditch the Zubaan sounds and not replacing them with the SENTINEL KNIGHT!!! sounds?

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Posted by redracer2004 on 22 July, 2009 - 10:57