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Well let me see. I started liking Tokusatsu when I first watched Flashman and Maskman aired locally here in Malaysia. Then came Cybercop and soon I began to realize that Toku toys are actually amazing. Without realising it, I started to collect more and more of them but after Power Rangers began here in 1994, the local agent could only import PR Stuffs here and Sentai were completely out of touch. Surprisingly, I managed to capture a few Sentai goodies and I might be catching more soon but I am also on my way collecting Souchaku Henshin (Armor Trans) Kamen Rider Figures. I was at first lost as to what to collect from Riders until I realise Armor Trans are good, poseable, complete weaponry and are detailed.

What is your all time favorite toy?
DX Provider Base, DX Supertrain Megazord aka Grand Liner, DX Gao Icarus (semi-bootleg)

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