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Super Sentai (スーパー戦隊, Sūpā Sentai) is the name given to the long running Japanese "superhero team" genre of shows produced by Toei Company Ltd. and Bandai, and aired by TV Asahi ("Super" refers to their use of mecha, and "sentai" is the Japanese word for "task force" or, literally, "fighting squadron" and was also a term used for Japanese squadrons in WWII). The shows are of the tokusatsu genre, featuring live action characters and colorful special effects, and are aimed mainly at families. This series is one of the most prominent tokusatsu productions in Japan, alongside the Ultra Series, the Kamen Rider, and the Metal Heroes series. (Wikipedia)

Sort by: Toy name Toy line Year Published
Varidorin Varidorin Cosmo Fleet Collection 2013 04.22.14
DX ToQ-Oh ToQ-Oh Super Sentai 2014 03.18.14
Bragigas/ Bragi-Oh Super Sentai 2013 03.11.14
Dragon Ranger Dragon Ranger S.H. Figuarts 2013 07.22.13
Space Patrol Unit Alpha Space Patrol Unit Alpha Bootleg, Power Rangers 06.27.12
Denzi Tiger Denzi Tiger Cosmo Fleet Collection 2012 12.25.12
Super Robot Chogokin: DekaRanger Robo DekaRanger Robo Super Robot Chogokin 2011 06.13.12
ShinkenRed S.H. Figuarts 2011 02.17.12
S.H. Figuarts Gokai Yellow Gokai Yellow S.H. Figuarts 2011 01.24.12
Magiking Joint Gattai 2011 10.11.11
Datas Hyper Super Sentai 2010 10.01.11
DX Gojyujin Super Sentai 2011 09.20.11
ShinkenGold S.H. Figuarts 2011 08.01.11
Engine Gattai Series 9- Engine Jumbwhale (front)
Engine Jumbwhale Super Sentai 2008 03.29.11
DX Engine Gattai Engine DaiShōgun (front)
Engine Dai Shogun Super Sentai 2008 03.28.11
Engine Gattai Series 5- Engine Jettoras (front)
Jettoras Super Sentai 2008 03.29.11
DX Soukou Sharin Go-Roader GT- Action Mode (front)
DX Go-Roader GT Super Sentai 2008 03.10.11
Self Henkeijuu MantanGun- Gun Mode (left side)
MantanGun Super Sentai 2008 03.29.11
Engine-Oh G6 (front)
Engine-Oh G6 Super Sentai 2008 01.24.11
Engine Gattai Gunbir-Oh (front)
Gunbir-Oh Super Sentai 2008 01.24.11
Engine Gattai Series 3- Engine Carrigator (front)
Engine Carrigator Super Sentai 2008 03.28.11
Tenku Gourai-Senpuujin posed
Hurricanger Shinobi Machine line (components sold separately) Super Sentai 2002 09.12.08
Engine Gattai Series 2- Engine Gunpherd (front)
Engine Gunpherd Super Sentai 2008 01.24.11
Engine Gattai Series 1- Engine Birca (front)
Engine Birca Super Sentai 2008 03.28.11
DX Engine Gattai Engine-Oh (front)
Engine Gattai Engine-Oh Super Sentai 2008 01.24.11
Giga Phoenix
Giga Phoenix Chogokin, Super Sentai 1998 04.04.11
DX Tenkuu Gattai Saint Kaiser (front)
Saint Kaiser Super Sentai 2005 01.13.11
Ryu Sei Oh
Ryu Sei Oh Super Sentai 1993 10.14.10
JAKQ Dia Jack & Strengthing Capsule
Dia Jack 1977 10.14.10
Ginga Dai Ketsusen Set
Ginga Dai Ketsusen Set Super Sentai 1998 01.20.11
DX Ninpuu Gattai Senpuujin- head detail
Senpuujin Super Sentai 2002 11.30.10
Gougou Vehicles assembled!
Boukenger Super Sentai 2006 04.04.11
Hyakujuu Gattai Gao Icarus- upper torso detail
Gao Icarus Super Sentai 2001 03.29.11
Power Animal Gao Falcon- head detail
Gao Falcon Super Sentai 2001 03.29.11
DX Tokusou Gattai DekaWing Robo- head detail
DekaWing Robo Super Sentai 2004 11.29.10
DX Daikenjin Zubaan- head detail (eyes glowing)
Zubaan Super Sentai 2006 06.13.11
Chouzetsu Gougou Gattai DaiVoyager- head detail
DaiVoyager Super Sentai 2006 11.29.10
Ultimate DaiBouken- face detail
Ultimate DaiBouken Super Sentai 2006 04.30.08
Gougou Gattai Vehicle #05
Gougou Jet Super Sentai 2006 01.20.11
Grip Phone Super Sentai 2005 04.06.11
Power Animal Gao Dias- head detail
Gao Dias Super Sentai 2001 03.29.11
Gao Armadillo riding on Gao Rhino
Gao Rhino and Gao Armadillo Super Sentai 2001 03.29.11
Majuu Gattai Gao Hunter Evil- front torso detail
Gao Hunter Super Sentai 2001 03.29.11
Power Animals Gao Polar & Gao Bear - head details
Gao Polar and Gao Bear Super Sentai 2001 03.29.11
Power Animal Gao Giraffe - head detail
Gao Giraffe Super Sentai 2001 03.29.11
Power Animal Gao Elephant - tusks and ears detail (down)
Gao Elephant Super Sentai 2001 03.29.11
Electronic BakuLaser- Sword Mode (Light-&-Sound feature)
BakuLaser Super Sentai 2003 03.29.11
Super DaiBouken- head (close-up)
Super DaiBouken Super Sentai 2006 04.06.11
Gougou Vehicle #9
Gougou Crane Super Sentai 2006 04.06.11
Gougou Vehicle #8
Gougou Mixer Super Sentai 2006 04.06.11

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
DekaRanger Robo 2004
BakurenOh 2003
MagiKing 2005
Tenkuujin 2002
WolKaiser 2005
Travelion 2005
Accellular 2006
DaiBouken 2006
Gougou Drill 2006
Gougou Shovel 2006
Gougou Mixer 2006
Gougou Crane 2006
Super DaiBouken 2006
BakuLaser 2003
Gao Hunter 2001
Grip Phone 2005
DaiVoyager 2006
Zubaan 2006
DekaWing Robo 2004
Gao Icarus 2001
Ginga Dai Ketsusen Set 1998
Dia Jack 1977
Ryu Sei Oh 1993
Saint Kaiser 2005
Engine Gattai Engine-Oh 2008
Gunbir-Oh 2008
Engine-Oh G6 2008
MantanGun 2008
DX Go-Roader GT 2008
Engine Dai Shogun 2008
ShinkenGold 2011
DX Gojyujin 2011
Datas Hyper 2010
Magiking 2011
Gokai Yellow 2011
ShinkenRed 2011
DekaRanger Robo 2011
Denzi Tiger 2012
Space Patrol Unit Alpha
Dragon Ranger 2013
Bragigas/ Bragi-Oh 2013
ToQ-Oh 2014
Varidorin 2013
Ultimate DaiBouken 2006
Hurricanger Shinobi Machine line (components sold separately) 2002
(various) Boukenger 2006
5 Gougou Jet 2006
8 Jettoras 2008
9 Engine Jumbwhale 2008
Engine Gattai Series #2 Engine Gunpherd 2008
Engine Gattai Series #4 Engine Birca 2008
Engine Gattai Series #6 Engine Carrigator 2008
GD-14 Giga Phoenix 1998
GD-42 Senpuujin 2002
GD-49 Gourai-Senpuujin 2003
Karakuri Ball Set #02 Gattling Attacker 2002
Karakuri Ball Set #03 Furai-Maru 2002
PA-01 Gao Elephant 2001
PA-02 Gao Giraffe 2001
PA-06 Gao Dias 2001
PA-3 Gao Polar and Gao Bear 2001
PA-5 Gao Rhino and Gao Armadillo 2001
PA-7 Gao Falcon 2001
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