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Sentai (Japanese: 戦隊), the Japanese word for task force (literally fighting team or squadron - Sentai was also a term used for Japanese squadrons in WWII), is most commonly used for classifying the "superhero team" genre of shows produced by Toei Company Ltd. and Bandai, and aired by TV Asahi. The shows are of the tokusatsu genre, featuring live action characters and colorful special effects, and are aimed mainly at families. (Wikipedia)

Power Rangers is an ongoing saga of television series about the epic adventures teenagers or 20-somethings who transform into the titular superheroes. The show is directly tied into a vast merchandising empire largely owned by Japanese toy company Bandai.

While the concept is based on the Super Sentai series of yearly serials, it is not an English dub of the original, but rather a 'new' production with English-speaking actors spliced in with the original Japanese footage to varying ratios. Due to the very Japanese nature of many of Sentai's stories and design, the American shows are always at least slightly changed to fit a Western audience. (Wikipedia)

This category contains toys from both Sentai and Power Rangers genre.

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Space Patrol Set 2005
DekaRanger Robo 2004
Artillatron 1997
Omega Megazord 2005
Turbo Megazord 1999
Lightspeed Racer 1999
Megazord 1993
Tor the Shuttle Zord 1994
Thunderzord Assault Team 1994
White Tigerzord 1994
Red Dragon Thunderzord 1994
Thunder Power Megazord 2002
Time Force Megazord 2001
Astro Megazord 1998
Supertrain Megazord 2000
Max Solarzord 1999
Rescue Megazord 1997
Victory Robo 1999
Providus 2000
BakurenOh 2003
Dino Zord Set 2004
Ninja Firebird 2003
Delta Squad Megazord 2004
Victory Robo 2004
Dino Stegazord 2004
Turbo Rugger 1989
Turbo Robo 1989
Titan Megazord 2005
MagiKing 2005
Live Robo 1990
Power Rangers ATV 2004
Thundersaurus Megazord 2004
Megazord 1993
RV Robo 1996
Abarenoh 2003
Time Shadow 2000
Tenkuujin 2002
Thunderstorm Megazord 2003
Wild Force Megazord 2001
Isis Megazord 2001
Dragonzord 1993
Lunar Wolf Battlized Warrior 2002
WolKaiser 2005
Travelion 2005
Accellular 2006
DaiBouken 2006
Gougou Drill 2006
Gougou Shovel 2006
Gougou Mixer 2006
Gougou Crane 2006
Super DaiBouken 2006
Solar Streak Megazord 2006
BakuLaser 2003
Gao Muscle 2001
Gao Hunter 2001
Grip Phone 2005
Deluxe Kongazord 2002
Deluxe Galaxy Megazord 1999
Jumbo Storm Megazord 2003
Mega Red Power Ranger 2006
Ultimate DaiBouken 2006
DriveMax Megazord 2007
Siren Builder 2006
DaiVoyager 2006
Zubaan 2006
DekaWing Robo 2004
Gao Icarus 2001
GaoRanger 2001
Deluxe Falconzord 1995
Mezodon Megazord 2004
Ginga Dai Ketsusen Set 1998
Dia Jack 1977
Jumbo Red Legend Power Ranger 2006
Jumbo Isis Megazord 2002
Ryu Sei Oh 1993
Animus Megazord 2002
Saint Kaiser 2005
Deluxe Titanus 1993
Jumbo Astro Megazord 1997
Transforming Beast Master Megazord 2008
Stratoforce Megazord 1999
Astro Galactic Megazord 1999
Engine Gattai Engine-Oh 2008
Samurai Star Megazord 2003
Manticore Megazord 2006
Five Robo 1990
Hurricanger Shinobi Machine line (components sold separately) 2002
Jet Icarus
Gunbir-Oh 2008
Engine-Oh G6 2008
MantanGun 2008
Transforming Fury Megazord Set 2008
Deluxe Jungle Pride Megazord 2008
Gold Ranger 2008
White Power Ranger 2008
Deluxe Jungle Master Megazord 2008
DX Go-Roader GT 2008
Engine Dai Shogun 2008
Goggle V 1983
High Octane Megazord 2009
Legend Magi Red 2005
DX Samurai Gattai Shinken-Oh 2009
Hiden Saiseitou ShinkenMaru 2009
Dual Drive Megazord 2007
Engine-Oh G9 2008
King Man 1994
Mega Robot 1997
Deluxe Zeo Megazord 1996
Deluxe Red Battlezord 1996
Deluxe Pyramidas The Carrier Zord 1996
Deluxe Super Zeo Megazord 1996
Deluxe Auto-Morphin Warrior Wheel 1996
Deluxe Lightspeed Megazord 2000
Deluxe Max Solarzord 2000
DX Tensou Gattai Gosei Great 2010
DX Tensou Gattai Gosei Ground 2010
ShinkenOh 2011
Gokai-Oh & MagiDragon 2011
Pat Striker 2011
DX DaiGoyou 2009
DX Gojyujin 2011
Datas Hyper 2010
Magiking 2011
DX Daikai-Oh 2009
Gokai-Oh 2011
Gokai Yellow 2011
DekaRanger Robo 2011
Battle Shark 2012
Bio Dragon 2012
Denzi Tiger 2012
Jaguar Vulcan 2012
Shinken Red Helmet
Space Patrol Unit Alpha
Akiba Red 2012
Akiba Yellow 2012
Akiba Blue 2012
Red Hawk 2012
Black Condor 2012
Majin Gattai MagiKing 2012
Moe Moe Z-cune 2012
Daizyujin 2012
Gosei Great Megazord 2012
Kyoryujin ( Kyoryuzin) 2013
DX Buster Hercules 2012
Legacy Megazord 2013
Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle 2013
Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle 2013
Lion Mechazord 2013
DX Moguydai-Oh 2009
Zakutor 2013
Parasagun 2013
Legacy Power Morpher 2013
Ankydon 2013
Assault Saver 2012
Muteki Shogun 1994
Flash King
Gokai-Oh 2011
Crack Saver 2012
Dragon Ranger 2013
Bunpachy 2013
Pteraiden-Oh / Pteragordon 2013
S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Super Samurai Metallic Coating Deluxe Action Figure Set 2013
MMPR Tamashii Stage 2013
Red Ranger 2013
Armored Red Ranger 2013
ClawZord 2011
Plezu-Oh 2013
Super Akiba Red 2013
White Ranger 2013
Octozord 2012
Pink Ranger 2013
Tiger Zord
Bull Megazord 2012
Legendary Megazord 2013
Red Wing Ranger 2013
Bragigas/ Bragi-Oh 2013
ToQ-Oh 2014
FuraiMaru 2011
Black Ranger 2013
Gokai Spear 2011
Car Carrier Ressha 2014
Hurricane Blue & Hurricane Yellow 2014
Tank Ressha 2014
Diesel Ressha 2014
Legacy Dragonzord 2014
Police Ressha 2014
Fire Ressha 2014
Blue Ranger 2014
Kyoryuger Ressha 2014
Go-Busters Ressha 2014
Q-Rex Megazord 2014
Kyoryu Red 2014
Deluxe Mega Voyager 1998
Claw Battlezord 2011
Samurai Megazord 2011
Build Ressha 2014
Armored Black Ranger 2014
Hyper Ressha Tei-Oh 2014
Turbo Megazord 1997
Den-O Ressha 2014
Power Rangers Bendable Figures White Ranger 1994
Masque Superman
Shurikenjin 2015
ToQ-Oh 2014
DX Muteki Shogun 1994
Paonmaru 2015
UFOmaru 2015
Sofubi Hero Candy Toy Ninninger 2015
Bison King 2015
Power Rangers Bones 1994
White Tigerzord 2015
Megazord (Black) 2015
Deluxe Megazord Pack 2015
Mammoth Ranger 1993
Muteki Shogun 2018
Lord Zedd 2019
Kiramaizin 2020
Megazord 2020
#31375 Dino Megazord 2009
(components sold separately) Engine Gattai Seiku-Oh 2008
(components sold separately) DaiTenkuu and Tenkuu Shinken-Oh 2009
(various) Boukenger 2006
01 Samurai Gattai Series #1- Kabuto Origami 2009
02 Samurai Gattai Series #2- Kajiki Origami 2009
03 Samurai Gattai Series 03 - Tora Origami 2009
03 Skick Brothers Set 2010
04 Ika Origami 2009
2491 Deluxe Ninja Megazord 1995
25103 Solar Cell Morpher 2006
3043 Robo Racer 1997
31066 Engine King Eagle Zord 2009
31067 Chrome Prowler Tiger Zord 2009
31106 Nitro Blaster 2009
31111 Retrofire High Octane Megazord 2009
31112 Retrofire Mighty Morphin' Megazord 2009
31113 Retrofire Wild Force Megazord 2009
31579 Samurai Megazord 2011
31766 Beetle Zord 2011
31767 Swordfish Zord 2011
5 Gougou Jet 2006
7 Engine Toripter 2008
7 Momoranger 2004
8 Jettoras 2008
9 Engine Jumbwhale 2008
96052 Retrofire Delta Squad Megazord 2011
96054 Retrofire Jungle Pride Megazord 2011
DX MMZ-02 Munyu Munyu Zubaan 2013
Engine Gattai Series #2 Engine Gunpherd 2008
Engine Gattai Series #4 Engine Birca 2008
Engine Gattai Series #6 Engine Carrigator 2008
GB-03 Battle Fever 1979
GB-14 Daidenjin 1980
GB-15 Daidenjin 1980
GB-97 Dynaman 1983
GB-97 Dynaman 1984
GC-12 Bio Man
GD-09 Mega Silver 1997
GD-11 Gingaioh 1998
GD-12 Bulltaurus 1998
GD-14 Victory Robo 1999
GD-14 Giga Phoenix 1998
GD-18 Omega Megazord 2000
GD-21 Wild Force Megazord 2002
GD-21 DX Hyakujuu Gattai Gao King 2001
GD-42 Senpuujin 2002
GD-49 Gourai-Senpuujin 2003
GX-30 Battle Fever Robo 2006
Karakuri Ball Set #02 Gattling Attacker 2002
Karakuri Ball Set #03 Furai-Maru 2002
PA-01 Gao Elephant 2001
PA-02 Gao Giraffe 2001
PA-06 Gao Dias 2001
PA-3 Gao Polar and Gao Bear 2001
PA-4 Gao Gorilla 2001
PA-5 Gao Rhino and Gao Armadillo 2001
PA-7 Gao Falcon 2001
PA-SP PA-SP Gao Kong 2001
PC-51 Shuttlebase 1985
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