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No.sort icon Toy name Year
FAF-001 Huckebein Mk. I 2004
FAF-002WDX Gespenst 2004
FAF-004 Huckebein Mk. II 2004
FAF-006b Grungust Unit 2
FAF-008DX Granzon 2004
FAF-012DX Valsione
FAF-017DX Thrudgelmir 2005
FAF-019DX Schutzwald 2005
FAF-021a/b Guarlion Custom 2006
FAF-023DX Werkbau
FAF-029DX R-Blade
FAF-032DX Compatible Kaiser 2010
FAF-25DX Valsione R
FAF-EX-02, FAF-EX-03 Twin Bird Strike Pack
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