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Chouseishin Gransazer

Super Star God Gransazer (超星神グランセイザー Chôseishin Guranseizâ) is a tokusatsu superhero TV series. Produced by Toho Company Ltd., the series aired on TV Tokyo from October 04, 2003 to September 25, 2004, with a total of 51 half-hour episodes. This series is the first of Toho's "Chouseishin Series".

Billions of years after an advanced human civilization was destroyed by aliens,
twelve direct descendants of the civilization's warriors called "Sazers" have
their powers awakened and form four tribes: Fire, Wind, Earth and Water. At
first, they wage war on each other, but after learning the truth of their ancestry,
the GranSazer tribes unite to protect Earth from the alien forces bent on once
again extinguishing all life on the planet. (Wikipedia)

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Dorcrus Tokusatsu 2003
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