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Very nice shots of this toy, Josh!

For those interested in seeing how this figure stacks up against the Daigokin, check out my Marmit Daigokin Grendizer review here. As Josh said, I believe the FLOSR reviewed above and the one from the Daigokin review are from a second run of the figure (circa 2003-ish?) because of the darker red paint.

Anyway, though they don't really do much and are so big as to be a tad unwieldy as toys, they still make gorgeous display pieces. I have the whole Force Five crew with the Daigokin Grendy (since sold the now-redundant FLOSR), a Gaiking I customized, Danguard Ace, and Getter Dragon, Lyger, and Poseidon.

This review is inspiring me to review 'em!


Sanjeev's picture
Posted by Sanjeev on 16 May, 2008 - 09:38
Grendizer by Marmit.

Marmit did an awesome job of making this figure. I have one of my own and I must say it has great detail even with its' large size. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Grendizer or is a Force Five fan.

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Posted by jjbarrosjr on 19 May, 2008 - 18:25
By pure luck, I recently got

By pure luck, I recently got myself a huge (about 18-19 inches tall) Max Factory (as engraved on its sole) Robo Grendizer made of PVC. It is quite heavy. It's just a loose item and no longer have its box.

I'm just a little confused when, on its website, Max Factory does not carry such item on their catalogue. I tried to compare my RG with the stuff in your collection, and it appears that it's not there also. Did I get a bootleg or something? If it is, then it's one hell of an imitation since the details are quite remarkable, really.

we ain't makin' cornflakes here!

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Posted by deltagrail on 27 June, 2008 - 09:18
Hunched a bit

This one has a bit of a hunching problem. The only thing I disliked about mine. Another thing is that the box it comes in is not really the easiest to return this figure back into. But it still is one of my favorites in the collection.

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Posted by Grendizer99 on 23 October, 2012 - 08:19