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Super Robot

Overpowered, unbreakable, unlimited strength, chogokin standing 100ft tall and more!

Unlike its cousin term, Real Robot (which are based somewhat on real-world physics & reasoning), super robots are fantastic machines possessed of incredible not-to-be-believed power. Rocket-powered flying fists, unlimited ammunition and energy beams, armor which is impervious to all but the most powerful assaults, a super robot is more of a character than an inanimate machine. While some of these are built by human hands, others have more exotic origins (non-biological aliens from another planet, for example) and possess individual personalities & characteristics.

Some mecha genre dance the line between these, claiming to be neither while embracing traits of both super robot and real robot.

For example, the giant robots in Neon Genesis Evangelion are bio-technological constructs with armor, requiring the young pilot to be seated in the cockpit at all times, weapons with limited ammo, special power requirements, and need repair when damaged. But they also possess proportionately superior speed and strength for their size and deploy near-impenetrable invisible force fields by unexplained means.

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