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About Me :

I'm the typical Generation Y video gamer/anime fan/model kits builder getting to his mid 20's with life ahead of me.

To sum up, im a 90's kid, Doug Funnie was cool, I wanted to go to a Salute your Shorts camp and Artie was my hero. The only anime I was exposed to at the time was Sailor Moon, but got bored and got into Batman:TAS and Superman:TAS. So when 1998 rolled around, I was in middle school being of the first generation of Pokemon nerds at that time, and my anime gene kicked in (along with puberty) when it came to Dragonball Z on Toonami, added with a dose of Reboot and Sailor Moon. But in high school is when when I met a good friend of mine (still friends to this day) back my freshman year in 2001 and the same time as the "Gundam boom" in the states, that was when I was introduced to model kits. My first one being the HGUC Gundam Ez-8 at Toys R Us (well, that wasn't my first model, but it was the one that got me into modeling. My first one was a Camero SS but i threw that thing way, then I got a Wing Gundam a year later, but that didn't last long) and ive been into modeling and anime ever since. So... that sums me up in a nut shell.

What is your all time favorite toy?
My Atelier Sai Priss S Asagiri figure.

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