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Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 165 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo's Christmas Rescue


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Ninja Turtles Human Masks

You guys brought up the human disguises from the 80s cartoon, but I don't think Jeremy's recollection truly does it justice. Behold, the infamous human masks from the original Turtles cartoon.

Shh!  It's Michelangelo in disguise!

And I believe that all four turtles had these Uncle Fester masks, which they wore whenever they went out for pizza in the early episodes. This image is from the episode that Michelangelo takes a job as a pizza delivery boy, and (spoiler!) his boss is actually Shredder.

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Posted by Mr Neil on 6 December, 2010 - 06:04
Awesome Sauce

This picture is excellent, I forgot the silence of the lambs cross dresser look that the turtles played with. Rad sauce!

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Posted by DArcy on 11 December, 2010 - 16:40

dangerously addictive needs for mass amounts of turtles have been supported by goodwill, not Walmart.

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Posted by DArcy on 11 December, 2010 - 16:42
Turtle Power, The Drink.

Google searches yield really shitty ass drinks with no thought put into them past "HUR IT'S GREEN SO IT'S A NINJA TURTLE!" Fuck that.

So my idea:

Sake, you know Ninjas are Japanese.
Crème de menthe, because green is needed. (or use Green Apple Schnapps instead since someone doesn't like mint?)
Lemon Lime Soda for the base, bam, instant girl drink.

I won't try it since I like beer and whiskey.

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Posted by Superdeformed on 29 December, 2010 - 16:21
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