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I finally have access to my own computer. Set up in my bedroom, it’s where I’ll be hanging out until the basement is fixed.

While I lost my books and nearly all of my drawings , I haven’t lost my otaku spirit. That will never be broken.

Things have been returning slowly to normal. While I’ll never get back certain books (oh how I morn the loss of my Artmic Studio book from 1987), I’ve been ordering some artbooks and the manga I care about (Hidamari Sketch and K-On).

In the meanwhile I’ve been cleaning my mind boggling amount of toys. Most of it will be as if nothing happened but others have significant damage (the salt water caused corrosion on my shiny Hyaku Shiki chogokin. Eh, I’ll pretend it’s battle damaged).

Posted 16 November, 2012 - 20:32 by VZMK2

Unless any of you have been living under a rock, you know about the destruction left by hurricane Sandy. Me living in Queens NY, it was in its path.

I'm okay! My family is ok, That's the most important.

Where I hang out, my basement however, is not. I lost ALL of my books (including some really rare ones), my manga and sadly my artwork (even though a good deal of it was scanned) and most of my supplies. I was able to rescue my DVDs (took them out of their cases to dry them and will put them in jewel cases) and my toys (many got wet and I'm in the process of cleaning them. There is A LOT I have to go through).

I'm glad that my iMac, LCD TV and external hard drives were brought up before the flash flood came. There really wasn't time to get anything else.

For two weeks life was tough, but I didn't get upset and just concern myself with bringing up things both clean and damaged from my room.

Posted 10 November, 2012 - 15:24 by VZMK2
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