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GX-60 God Sigma


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great job

Great job as always, still impressed and clueless how you do the black engulfing darkness while the figure is crisp and clean and easily seen...

As for the chogokin...I am on the fence, have him pre-ordered but keep canceling and redoing...not sure

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Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 3 August, 2011 - 23:01
Thanks, are you going to the

Thanks, are you going to the summit? Ill be more than happy to give you some pointers.

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Posted by chachipower on 4 August, 2011 - 14:13

I will be there, bring your teacher's cap and I will bring my notebook for photo

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Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 4 August, 2011 - 14:56
Thanks for the very early review, Chachi!

This sets me up nicely for my specimen to come in, a month or so for now!!!

I supposed this would have been a brick, and quite Vintage style as far as SOCs go. Bandai seems to go the easy way, from gx-45 on...

And... Ehm... The comparison Mazinger is Gx-01r, not 45... ;)

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Posted by zmaz on 4 August, 2011 - 02:24
a "robot guy"

Yeah, the 45 has black gloves and boots, and has an extra angle between his ribs.
I feel like I've become a "robot guy," now that I notice such things...

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Posted by ZA on 4 August, 2011 - 06:52
OMG! youre right! I meant to

OMG! youre right! I meant to use the GX-45 but grabbed the GX-01R. Will fix straight away.

*edit- hmm my gx-45 is missing from my display case! If it wasn't for that comment I wouldn't have known. The seaarch continues!

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Posted by chachipower on 4 August, 2011 - 14:11
Top quality review!

Wow! That was a review of the highest quality! Good show! I'm glad Bandai is still doing the SOG line.

I wish I new more about that robot because the engineering and quality of the toy is amazing. Makes me really wish Bandai would do a Mighty Orbots toy but I guess the chances of that really happening are little to none, but I can always have hope :)

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Posted by SDFcommander on 4 August, 2011 - 11:05
Sea King and Land

Since Sea King and Land King look as excellent as they do, it's almost a shame to them combined.
After giving it some thought, I think I prefer I would prefer each robot on their own rather than the complete God Sigma.
Having said that, God Sigma does look gorgeous. I've had no previous exposure to character, but I don't doubt that long time fans love this.

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Posted by ZA on 4 August, 2011 - 12:18
Here's some terminology:

The opening panels in the wings are there to replicate part of one of God Sigma's finishing moves. The first part is called... "Sigma Breast"... -_-;

The big silver sword God Sigma uses is called the Musou-ken (Peerless Blade) and the big blue shield is the God Shield.

Finally, there is one final move which I am not sure this toy can replicate, and, as far as I know, it was a self-sacrificing move in the anime that was used towards the end. If you search on YouTube for "Super Robot Wars Z" and "God Sigma", you should be able to see what it is I'm talking about.

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Posted by YuushaFan on 4 August, 2011 - 16:30

Great review chachi as usual!

I remember watching God Sigma on Italian TV as a boy and really loved the gattai sequence and the accompanying background music!

What I couldn't understand at the time was whether Commander Terral of the Elda Empire was male or female. This mystery was solved when I watched the anime on DVD recently.

Now for some nitpicking:

1. The 'gun' of Sea Rumble King is actually a harpoon - he is a marine robot, right?!

2. The 'gun' of Land Quake King is actually a drill - he is a land robot, right?!

3. The gimmick when the wings open is in reality a very powerful weapon which shoots a high energy beam, a sort of Trinity energy beam at full power. It has a devastating effect on the enemy robots of the Eldans. It was used later in the show when God Sigma was upgraded because the Eldan enemy robots were becoming too strong for him to handle.

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Posted by grendizer1975 on 4 August, 2011 - 20:01

As much as I would like to pick up this guy, I'm not a huge fan of expensive bricks. So a definite pass for me.

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Posted by ivanko on 4 August, 2011 - 21:31
Thanks for providing that

@grendizer1975 Thanks for providing that info. I tried to watch an unsubbed episode and failed miserably at understanding anything. I think my achilles heel is that I'm not much of a fan of anime but I'm all over robot toys !

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Posted by chachipower on 4 August, 2011 - 21:59
Yeah, most of my knowledge of

Yeah, most of my knowledge of God Sigma comes from playing Super Robot Wars Z for the PS2 with a story summarization found on GameFAQs. Thankfully, it is enough that I know what I'm talking about.

Did this set also come with a hatchet (the God Tomahawk) and electric-like effect pieces (God Sting)?

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Posted by YuushaFan on 5 August, 2011 - 02:13
Sadly no, I've read some

Sadly no, I've read some complaints of these being left out. What you see is what you get.

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Posted by chachipower on 5 August, 2011 - 08:50

I suggest you read this review as well:

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Posted by grendizer1975 on 26 August, 2011 - 04:28
Yay! Finally after years of

Yay! Finally after years of looking for one at a sane price, I have one. (2 years ago I had a choice between God Sigma and God Mars at the same low price. I got Mars. By the next week Sigma vanished from the market overnight and prices shot up well over $300).

Love the figure for all it's chunkiness. I really was not prepared for just how good this thing looks on the shelf. How striking and eye catching. It's almost the perfect distillation of the Giant or Super Robot genre down into this one gloriously gaudy perfect figure. Well done Bandai.

Sadly after finally getting one, I am now hoping for a re-release. I want a second, just so I can keep both the complete robots and the three components on display.

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Posted by faelon on 2 July, 2016 - 00:54