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I started collecting toys with having no clear theme in mind: A SOTA Toys Sagat; Marvel Legends Capt. America, Cable, Ice Man and Colossus; MOTU He-Man and Mekanek; SWE3 Grievous, Obi-Wan, and Anakin; and a Wave1 Kingdom Come Batman. As time passed, I started focusing on Superman. My first one is a prototype Justice League Superman from the Jollibee Kids Meal toy line. I got this one fortunately because it JKM was my main account when I worked in McCann-Erickson here in the Philippines a few years ago. I currently have 10 figures and my top favorite is the Dark Knight Returns Superman.

During a break in one of my post-production works in HongKong for a tv commercial, I visited the local Toy-R-Us store and saw the SOC line. It was there I saw my one true childhood toy love: GX-31 / Voltes V. I wanted to buy it right there and then but because of the limited amount of dollars that I had, I held back and promised that I would get it back home, someday.

Last June, 2008, I FINALLY BOUGHT IT. I also bought the Secret Toyz Camp Big Falcon / Operational Base a couple of months later. Now both toys complement and eclipse my Superman collection.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Soul Of Chogokin GX-31 Voltes V


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