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Gamera 2006


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Gamera 2006 Gokin

Kinda late to ask but....

NekroDave how tall is this gamera?

(will put this one on my wanted list ^_^)

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Posted by Bahim Z 360 on 18 October, 2009 - 13:47

Gamera is about 6.25" or 16cm tall. I never would have thought it when I bought it (that rhymes), but this is one of the only 5 diecasts I still have left, the others also all being kaiju.

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Posted by NekroDave on 18 October, 2009 - 16:27
Thanks man :)

Thanks for your reply man :)!

I have been seeing this gamera for cheap these days,will get him next paycheck ^_^

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Posted by Bahim Z 360 on 18 October, 2009 - 17:39
I'm a HUGE Gamera fan and I

I'm a HUGE Gamera fan and I just can't get into this design. Maybe if I ever see the movie I'll feel differently,but I keep moving other DVDs ahead of it in the queue.
It just looks too goofy,and this is coming from someone who's seen Destroy All Planets at least a dozen times.

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Posted by kidnicky on 18 October, 2009 - 21:22
I've seen the movie...

...and while I had my doubts about the cutesy Gamera in Gamera the Brave, the movie was really good. The evil monster in it, Zedus, is great and there are some very un-kid friendly scenes involving him. The movie overall hearkens back to the child as friend of Gamera days, however it was not as cheesy as I expected it to be. In fact there are some scenes at the end with Children helping Gamera that kind of pull at the heart strings and have you cheering them on. And yes Gamera does fly.

I picked up the dvd for less than $10 so even if you don't like it your not out much and I think people might be surprised by it.

It definitely makes me want to pick up this toy now. I just wish there was one of Zedus.

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Posted by bish on 8 May, 2010 - 03:19