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One of my earliest memories is watching Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot when it aired in early 70's I was about four at the time and hid behind the couch scared and yet fascinated by the monsters on the screen. My mom remembers me yelling at her in the kitchen to come and watch with me, but her response was "If it's so scary, turn it off". Of course I couldn't.

Ever since then I've had an unhealthy love of all things large and Japanese. In particular Giant Robots and Giant Monsters. I cant say I have a huge collection of Kaiju in comparison to some of the collections I see here however I have many of the items I've set out to aquire. I also like finding anything related to Giant Robo from the live action show to the anime. I have seen Johnny Sokko since my first encounter and yes I know it was amazingly bad, but I love it nonetheless.

I only had one Jumbo Shogun Warrior when I was a child, Dragun of course, but due to money constraints I was never able to afford any others. I did play with and desire the ones my friends had. I especially wanted the smaller die-cast Shogun Warrior Dragun but never got one. Now that I am fairly happy with my curent Kaiju collection I'd like to start collecting vintage and new Chogokin. I ordered my first two SOC's just recently, the GX-45 Shin Mazinger Z and the GX-47 Energer Z, my next will probably be the GX-51 Getter Dragon, but I'm also going to be keeping my eyes out for some of the earlier releases.

If I have any holy grails at the moment they would probably be the three Soft Garage Legend of Gokin Giant Robo diecast figures. I would also love to find any of the original or bootlegs of the Jumbo Giant Robo's made by Marmit.

Anyway outside of Kaiju and japanese robots I've also collected Star Wars 12" figures but with the release of the new movies my love for Star Wars has waned over the last few years. My obsession with giant monsters and robots will last forever, as proof I offer that I named my cats after Godzilla and Mothra and I have the Mothra symbol tattooed on my leg.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Any of my Giant Robo toys


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