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NECA Robocop with Jetpack and Cobra Assault Cannon

By popular demand, the future of law enforcement gets the deluxe treatment! Robocop has a new look, and some of the most requested accessories from the fan and collector community. The Jetpack, as seen in Robocop 3, attaches to the figure’s back and comes complete with a cannon arm, just like in the film. As a bonus, we have also included the Cobra Assault Cannon from the original 1987 film! The cannon is compatible with this figure as well as all of NECA’s previous Robocop figure releases. The 7″ scale figure itself sports an all-new deco to reflect the character’s bluer color scheme in the sequel films. Scheduled for release later this month.











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Posted 12 August, 2014 - 08:16 by VF5SS


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Well, technically the Cobra

Well, technically the Cobra cannon here is from Robocop 2, since in the original movie, it was only used by the bad guys...except in the NES game, where Robo could also wield it. Hmm...

I still need to get the version with the functioning holster. Anyone know where I could get one at a reasonable price?

Tetsuryu's picture
Posted by Tetsuryu on 13 August, 2014 - 08:17
Methinks you should watch Robocop again.

(He totally shoots the Cobra)

Also the Cobra in Robocop 2 is a different gun.

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 13 August, 2014 - 12:25
Oh yeah, he does use

Oh yeah, he does use it...once...against the ED-209.

But I could've sworn it was the same gun in Robocop 2, or at least a modified version of it.

Tetsuryu's picture
Posted by Tetsuryu on 14 August, 2014 - 08:33

The Cobra in the first movie is a Barrett M82 that has a box over the top of its scope, while the gun in the second is a unmodified Pauza P-50. They have a similar muzzle brake and they're both anti-material rifles, but they're different weapons.

Also the Pauza appears in the movie with the real name of its manufacturer advertised, so I don't think it's supposed to even be the Cobra (although if they call it that in dialogue I don't remember, been a while since I've seen 2)

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 14 August, 2014 - 15:50