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Dai Gokin Grendizer

I too purchased this awesome Super Robot to complete my "solid diecast collection" of Go Nagai's Mazinger family. However, I feel that for the money it is selling for, Marmit would put a little more attention to detail in the finished product. For example, my Dai Gokin Grendizer has a couple of spots of "purple" paint on the inner thighs and the "crotch" area. Also, the black paint where the horns meet the head is chipping off. But the thing that really dissapointed me was the 1/2 inch scratch it came with (front - left shoulder). I thought it would be a lot better finished than it's predecesors, Great Mazinger and Mazinger Z, but the quality is actually not even close.

I was also hoping it would be taller...


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Posted by The Mazinger Z on 25 February, 2007 - 20:07
RE: Dai Gokin Grendizer

That's a bummer about your paint issues. But now that ya mention it, if you take a look at the "articulated.jpg" right under my paragraph about the toy's articulation, you can see a very subtle dark grey spot on the right thigh just to the side of the purple knee. As far as I can tell, that's the only paint flaw on mine. Sucks that you got a lemon...hopefully, that's a fluke and others won't have such issues...

I don't have the predecessors, but I've heard from some people that they've had red paint bubbling/chipping on the pilders. Hmmm...


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Posted by Sanjeev on 26 February, 2007 - 13:54
I gotta see this**!

Alright... I was hesitant when you told me you where purchasing this Sanjeev. However, after seeing the pics you took and reading the review I gotta say I'm impressed. If a toy could ever "look" heavy, that one certainly does. The colors certainly pop and the figure definitely looks fierce!

Now "IF" they where to ever make.....say..... a Gaiking in the same style... you KNOW I'd be all over it.

P.S. Appears the new studio works well, I assume Grendizer was the 1st official test subject

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Posted by Dennis B. on 25 February, 2007 - 23:48
RE: I gotta see this**!

It's bangin'! Definitely come by and check it out!

And, yes, I'm praying they do more FLOSRs in the Daigokin format. There are SO many amazing sculpts in that line (the Getter G's, Danguard A, etc.). I'll leave the Daigokin Gaiking to you! I'm happy with my yellow-belly custom (which I should review soon!).

You're correct: this is the first use of the new studio. Pretty nice, but not sure how I feel about the artsy backdrops (it came with blue, red, black, and white). Nekrodave said that draped look reminds him of a yearbook photo! HA!!


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Posted by Sanjeev on 26 February, 2007 - 14:00
RE: your backgrounds - you

RE: your backgrounds - you can use an iron to iron out the wrinkles, and a lint brush to get rid of debris.

This looks great, BTW.

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Posted by JoshB on 26 February, 2007 - 14:02
I love this Daigokin, I

I love this Daigokin, I heard about it from our local Anime models shop owner but I didn't realize it would be this cool.

I'm a big Grendizer fan, and from what I understand the Force Five Grendizer series was limited to only 26 episodes, you didn't get to see up to 74. The series is so good that I still watch it and get into it to this day.

Most people in Kuwait and the middle east know Grendizer, he's just so popular here.

I have a few Grendizer and Mazinger SOC photos on my Flickr page if you'd like to check them out.

Thanks for the really cool article and have a great day.

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Posted by Grendizer99 on 18 August, 2007 - 18:52
RE: Great Photos

Thanks, brotha!!

Hmmm...I wonder if we'll ever see a review of Wave's SDF-1 Macross any time soon... ;)


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Posted by Sanjeev on 26 February, 2007 - 14:01