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TF:Classics line

I have several of the Classics toys-

-and I must add my two cents about how much I appreciate these figures as well. I really like how articulate and yet sturdy they are even compared to the previous "TF:Cybertron" line from '06 and the following live-action movie versions from '07. The Prime/Ultra Magnus designs are just stunning, and are really good updates that also pay full respect to the G1 figures.

Autobot Mirage, though, for me, really takes the cake of the whole line [of the ones that I purchased]. The poesabillity on Mirage is absolutely fantastic in robot mode! Not only does he have a [really tiny] waist joint (mostly for changing him), but the shoulders are designed just so so that the arms can actually cross in front of the chest! Because of this, I have mine posed with him holding/aiming his weapon like a crossbow, but with it in alignment with his eyes! How often can you do that with a $10 toy!?
But, at the same time, Classics Mirage also has a real old-school anime feel to him- like he was literally taken off the TV screen and made physical. He's in no way blocky or bulky like his G1 incarnation, but looks like a character that can be animated in more that just a cartoon. For example, Mirage's legs start out small and thin at the hips, and then gradually, subtly expand into wide, flat feet, much as how the Transformers were drawn in the anime'. I'd compare the style to some of the fixed-pose figures and busts that are made today of the G1 characters.
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 22 July, 2007 - 00:39