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Autobot Mirage


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I agree

I wasn't expecting much when I first saw this figure. But when I finally got my hands on it I fell in love. This is one of the best figures of the Classics line (Top 3), one of the best Transformers in recent memory, and arguably the best Deluxe-sized or smaller Transformer, period. I can't recommend Mirage enough. If you see him, buy him!


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Posted by Heavyarms on 26 September, 2007 - 16:58
Yeah, this toy took me

Yeah, this toy took me completely by surprise. Nice tight joints (none of which click) except for the ankles & waist, complex yet easy-to-change transformation, great aesthetics in both modes... Ya can't go wrong with him! Up against Classics Optimus Prime/Ultra Magnus (I'll cover the latter for CDX in a few weeks, I hope) and Bumblebee, it's just in that top 5 spot like you said.

Now I need to catch-up and find Jetfire...!
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 26 September, 2007 - 21:09