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Space Patrol Unit Alpha

Space Patrol Unit Alpha

Review by JoshB

This is a bootleg of the Candy Toy version of the Dekaranger Robo. It's really crappy. Unlike bootlegs that take the source material and do something wacky with it, this is simply a copy, and really not that interesting.

These are sold under the Galaxy Defender name, and are found at Big Lots stores. The have also produced other bootlegs of Dekaranger toys, and they all transform and combine.

They are pretty terrible. The plastic is crap, they don't hold together, and they lack detail.

I didn't even want to review these, but the completist in me demanded it. I'm not even putting this on the front page. That should tell you something.

Posted 12 May, 2012 - 21:17 by JoshB
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