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Ex Libra Dohko


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Increible, me ha encantado su review. Las imagens que han tomado son perfectas. Felicitaciones, saludos desde Ecuador

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Posted by jdchiqui on 20 December, 2013 - 11:53
Gracias! No sabía que tenemos

Gracias! No sabía que tenemos fans en Ecuador.

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Posted by SentaiSeiya on 21 December, 2013 - 08:29
Yeow. Bandai's desire to be

Yeow. Bandai's desire to be more original with these toys is getting worse. The EX Cloth looks like it should be a Mariner Scale with that color scheme. Also, the ENTIRE shield is plastic? Weird, I'm pretty sure the standard versions of the shields are only partiality plastic. And I can go ahead and answer why none of the Bronze's can hold the weapons: V2 or Gold V2 versions will eventually come out. How do I know this? Because they releasing Aries Shion as an the gold armor. In other words, it's a second release of Mu with nothing different except the head and hair. It's even the same color body. Apart from panel in the manga, Gold Shion never appears in the series. If they are gonna release something like that...You know V2 or Gold V2 Bronze figures will appear before too long.

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Posted by RobertG22 on 20 December, 2013 - 21:38
Agreed. They definitely used

Agreed. They definitely used more orange on this armor than they should have.

I hadn't thought about the fact that they would probably make Power of Gold V2 EX Bronze Saints, but it makes perfect sense. Bandai is going to squeeze out every penny out of each mold. That's Bandai for you. I think I may skip the Gold Shion. I would much rather have him in his Surplice.

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Posted by SentaiSeiya on 21 December, 2013 - 08:27

: ), siempre visito su pagina. En mi pais es casi imposible que lleguen estas figuras, y las que hay son demasiadas caras.

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Posted by jdchiqui on 21 December, 2013 - 10:37
Aw, boy, I love your Saint Seiya figure reviews

I've read almost all (including Atom's reviews). It's odd there being someone from USA who really likes Saint Seiya. It's a kinda old-fashioned show that probably wouldn't seem attractive nowadays.

I've still got in somewhere the old 1987 model of Libra Dohko. It was my first Saint Seiya figure. It's kinda special for me, since when I watched the show in the 90s as a child, I've been given it as a surprise present. Initially, I didn't like it because he hadn't appeared in the show after the first 52 episodes which were broadcasted at that time (and one or two years later, after having seen all the episodes and movies, I found that he didn't show up at all!). However, while I played, I found that he was in fact the coolest figure of all the Gold Saints, even if I didn't know his actual name until I've grown up. It had a lot of parts like no other.

Too bad that the old 1987 models just could not stand up with all the armor pieces at their places easily. Especially Libra, which had a lot of weight! His armor just fell down most of the time. But hey! The figure was actually awesome, since even if he couldn't move so much when he donned his armor, he was articulated as hell! I could move Dohko sans armor to whatever position I wanted. He even had articulated hands (not like nowadays, when you just swap his hands), it was pretty impressing for me. Besides that, the Object Mode was really beautiful. In fact, the Object Mode was the only thing you could call perfectly functional in the 1987 line, since armor pieces rarely fell down from the Objects if compared to the figures.

An interesting thing I recently found about the 1987 Saint Cloth line is that, pretty much like it happened in some other countries, it was released in Japan before the conclusion of the Sanctuary arc on the TV, so even some characters which hadn't been shown up yet had their figures in the stores. You can even find an old picture of Pisces Aphrodite with his eyes blacked out and a different skin tone because of that. It's said that his figure was actually Shun with a different coloration (he even had green hair). Maybe it's also due to that reason that Dohko looked kinda generic in this old line, even in the cover illustration (

Unfortunately, I haven't bought any Saint Seiya figures since I was a child. But I still like them, even if I'm not into Saint Seiya as before. This new EX Cloth Myth line sounds like a dream.

Well, sorry for having written such a long text, I just got carried away. I'll be looking forward to reading the review about the new EX Aquarius Camus, if it's possible, since he was another character whose 1987 model I got!

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Posted by Strawberry Dream on 25 November, 2014 - 13:52
Thanks for the compliments!

Thanks for the compliments! To explain why I am a big Saint Seiya fan, I spent a few years in Mexico when I was younger.

The EX line is pretty awesome and BIG upgrade from the 80's toys. I too am looking forward to the EX Aquarius because it is my sign and also the last of the Gold Saints to be made in the EX line. Hopefully I can get the EX Hyoga review done before then. I have been pretty busy as of late and the holidays are pretty much upon us.

Anyways, thanks for reading and for sharing your experience with the Saint Seiya toys.

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Posted by SentaiSeiya on 25 November, 2014 - 22:24