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Saint Cloth Myth EX Body

Time for another installment of “get to know your Saint Cloth Myth bodies.”
Today we will be taking a look at one of the more modern body types: the Saint Cloth EX body.

As always, our model for this segment is the titular hero of the show, Pegasus Seiya. He is of course stripped of his armor, so that we may check out his little plastic body.
The body type for these EX releases is a leaner than the bodies in the regular line. The bodies for the EX Bronze Saints, however, are nowhere near as lean as the bodies for the EX Gold Saints. This is due to the fact that the EX Gold Saints need to wear a lot more body armor and thus must have thinner bodies.

Saint Cloth Myth EX body

The EX Seiya stands at about 7 inches tall. This is an inch taller than his counterparts from the regular line. Since each of the characters in the line are different heights, their heights in the EX line will vary. However, you can expect the EX version to be an inch or so taller than the regular SCM release.

Saint Cloth Myth EX body
One easy way to tell if you have an EX body is the square hole in the back. If the hole is shallow, then it is a body from the regular line. If the hole appears to go about a third of the way into the back of the figure, then it is an EX release.

As for articulation, the EX bodies are similar to the 3rd gen Saint Cloth Myth bodies.

Saint Cloth Myth EX body
The toes have a hinge joint. Each of the ankles have two hinge joints: one that moves laterally and one that moves vertically. Moving up to the peg of the foot/lower leg connects to hole in the leg, the cut can act as a swivel of sorts.
As each of the knees, there has double joint. What makes this knee joint special is that it has swivels at each side of the knee cap and the knee joint is a little longer than the ones on the regular bodies. This makes the legs on an EX body slightly more flexible than the legs on regular body.
This extra range of motion, however, is enough to allow the EX body to perform a proper Seiza sitting pose.

Saint Cloth Myth EX body

Back to the body.

Saint Cloth Myth EX body

At the upper leg there is a thigh swivel, which connects to a ball joint at the top of thigh. The joint that connects the waist to midsection is quite different on the EX bodies. The regular SCM bodies use a ball joint that allows those bodies some minimal vertical movement. The EX bodies, however, swivel about 45 degrees left and right. The chest connects to the abdomen via a ball joint.

Saint Cloth Myth EX body

As for the arms, they attach to the body with a ball joint. That ball joint on the body connects to a hinge on the upper arms. Moving down, the bicep has a swivel in it. The elbows, like the knees, are double jointed. As for the wrists, they are sporting a bicep swivel.

Saint Cloth Myth EX body

Moving on to the head and neck, the bottom of the neck is on a ball joint. The joint connecting the head to the neck is much different from the joints on the regular SCM bodies. The head is on a bicep swivel that is attached to a peg, which attaches to the hole in the neck. This compound joint gives the EX heads a bigger range of the motion than the heads on the regular SCM bodies.

So as you can see, the engineering of the Saint Cloth Myth EX bodies is fairly similar to the 2nd and 3rd generation Saint Cloth Myth bodies.

Saint Cloth Myth EX body

However, the changes in engineering make it much more limber and poseable than even the 3rd gen Saint Cloth Myth body.Saint Cloth Myth EX body


Posted 16 December, 2013 - 20:26 by SentaiSeiya