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DevilsArms's picture

voltes v has been my favorite since i went to the PI for the first time.

visionx's picture

I have to say that toy collection is not just a guy thing. Actually I have about ten action figures in collection and I love them all! I have set up a special glass case for all the toys that I and will be collecting. Whew! This hobby can be quite expensive sometimes. In order to get buy and bid on the toys that I like I sometimes moonlight as a freelance writer and
offer paper writing service. I also do garage sales to get rid of the stuff that I no longer like. Anyway, I hope to have a vast collection of all my favorite cartoon characters and maybe give them to my would-be children.

Chad Walker's picture

I'm 34 years old from a small town in Ky. I have been a huge fan of anime since I was a kid. I love the giant mecha stuff. I grew up on Transformers; I loved that show I watched it religiously. I wish I still had my original Optimus Prime and Megatron toys. I also love the Macross/Robotech stuff. I am entering my second childhood so I am starting to collect the toys I grew up on as my collection grows I will share it with all of you

Nick Hernandez's picture

same scenario:
not enough space,
not enough shelves,
not enough toys!!

rachel b's picture

I am Josh B's daughter and i love his site because I get to try out all of the cool new toys he gets and sometimes even give him reviews!

MINImusPrime00's picture

I collect Transformers figures to please the 12 year old boy inside me. When in fact I am a 19 year old girl. Who would have thunk it?

ramos's picture

Soft Vinyl, Henshin Cyborg