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spires75's picture

I am a child of the 80's, and love the Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe, Gobots, Lego, Centurions, Voltron, Robotech, Tranzor Z/Mazinger Z, and many more toy/cartoon/comic character lines when growing up. I don't believe that my experiences growing up could have been any better during that timeframe. My focus right now is mostly Star Wars with a bit of Transformers MPC's and Robotech items mixed in. I enjoy quality toys expensive and not, but truly love a well thought out and executed product.

SquirtleSquad7's picture

I collect many different forms of toys. I collect Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Transformers, Marvel figures, and many many more!

The Big R's picture

I collect:
Galaxy Express 999, Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Harlock, most anything Leiji Matsumoto. Mazinger Z, Macross & Robotech, Godaikins, Transformers, Henshin Cyborg.

I also have unhealthy obsessions with Mazinger Z, Aphrodai, Mad Max, and the '77 Star Wars cantina.

I also collect: Star Wars, Fantastic Four, DC, instruments and LPs.
I despise:
collectors who collect only for monetary value;
fans who think that being a fan a long time fan entitles them to something;
Collectors who think that what they collect is better than someone else.

Naf's picture

As most, my brother and I aquired Jumbo Machindas during Christmas time back in late 70's and just started to re-aquire my long lost past. In my collection are Mattel 1st run versions of Mazinga, Dragun, Giaking. And a third euro version of Raideen. Also have a very nice V3 jumbo Rider and looking for a very nice Kame Bazooka jumbo and Hasami Jaguar jumbo.

Senjuto's picture

I have a small collection of Kamen Rider role play toys (mainly belts) and the Shinkenger origami mecha line (all of them, including Kyorumaru). Starting to add some Power Animals from the Gaoranger mecha line since watching EVA_Unit_4A's reviews of the Gaoranger Power Animal line. Big fan of Super Sentai mecha toys and Kamen Rider belts.

GameraMax's picture

I collect various kaiju (mostly Godzilla/Gamera) figures. I have a very small collection, but I've just started collecting. My friend got me into kaiju (about a few months ago), and I've been hooked ever since. My favorite kaiju is still Gamera.

Rodman75's picture

Born and raised in the home of Mr. Big's Toyland; Waltham, Mass. Started collecting them as a pint sized kid and now at 36yoa trying to add to my collection of Shogun Warriors. Currently, I'm on the hunt for the elusive Popy Jumbo Machinder Grendizer! I'll settle for the Mattel version Goldorak if it's in great condition (no box necessary but preferred). Looking to network with others who are into the Jumbo's. I'm all about Shogun's but do have Transformers as well.

Gareth Infinity's picture

Sadly, my collection is mostly packed up at the moment, but once I have a better area for display I will have pictures!

Transformers: Beast Wars was on TV when I was around 4 or 5, and I bought a good amount of the toys at the time. But my interest in Transformers really faded for a long while after Beast Wars, as I did not watch the shows and only picked up a couple of figures each year.

The arrival of the Movie line is a big part of what sparked my interest in Transformers again, and I went nuts! My house filled up with tons of Transformers from many different eras. I think I like my Cybertron stuff the most, followed closely by the Movie line, but it's not an easy decision to make. Animated is pretty cool so far, as are the new Universe/Classics toys.

My interest in toys didn't stray very far at all from Transformers until I discovered CollectionDX. I was looking for pictures of an Evangelion Unit-01 Revoltech, and found JoshB's review! That became my first Revoltech, which now stands among a small handful of others.

CDX was also the very first place I ever heard of "Soul of Chogokin". I bought Baikanfu as my first entry into the line, followed later by Evangelion Unit-03.

Sadly, those are currently (October 13, 2008) the only SoC's I own, but I do have two SoC Spec pieces; Evangelion Unit-00' and Black Sarena. In terms of other gokin, I also have everyone's favorite CM's GoShogun, and CM's Genesic GaoGaiGar. I'd have a lot more, but I'm just a kid with no job and don't have much of an income!

One thing about me is that I don't have to have a connection to a character or series to buy a toy. Black Sarena, GoShogun, and GGGG are perfect examples. I bought those pieces because they simply looked like fun toys.

I wasn't always like this, but, I really like die-cast. The discovery of CDX and all the awesome metal toys there are out there got me hooked on the stuff. Transformable figures are, of course, typically more desirable than others but not a necessity.

Well, not sure what else to say until I can get some pictures up. Stay tuned!

Rider Strike's picture

Another dude who has a thing for plastic and metal.

richardpecks's picture

I'm Richard but my friends calls me "Ric" at most. I can describe myself as a certified collector of toys. Even now that I'm working, I can't still stop collecting toys, such as robots, miniature characters of heroes and more. It's a stress reliever for me whenever I buy those things and thinks that it's my precious possession that I cannot really give up no matter what. This is what I do with the money that I earn in working as a term paper writer. I guess it's just paid off all the hard work that I did when I see my room full of collection.

Gunpla Rob's picture

I am the Gunpla builder! Like most American kids from the 80s, I started with Transformers and later moved on to building Gundams. I also raise cattle!

Pyrus Masquerade's picture

Hey guys i have been collectiong bakugan for many years i have over 500 and i have been doing reviews on them on YouTube since june 30 2008

Jerilock's picture

my collection can be summed up in 1 word.. Jumbos. while I do branch out in several other directions (chogokins, vinyl, other figures, new items) my main focus has to be those towering hulks of Polyethylene (i have roughly 50 of em),

Tking22's picture

Let's see, Ive got the full line of spec SOC Eva's. I had the whole line of Yamato 1/48 valks, sold most now I'm down to three. I've got four perfect grade gundams, the whole hcm pro gundam 00 line, and a super hcm pro RX-78-2 and Red Comet Zaku. I've got a 1/60 Ivanov SV-51, and a 1/60 VF-0S, a hi-metal 1J and 1S Roy on the way. Four toynami regults/battlepods, and 2 heavy missile, glaug as soon as it comes out. Original MMPR megazord, dragonzord, and titanus. Some old Voltron figure I've had for ages, it's the one with the opening cockpits and removable pilots. The complete Halo 1 and 2 mini figure collection, actually a lot of doubles, I have a big battle diorama set up.SOC Big-O, SOC Aquarion, and an old SOC Mecha-Godzilla.