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Prometeo Toys

The Prometeo Toys is the latest incarnation of Toys Tower, a company founded in 2008 to be a bridge between Japan and collectors mainly based in Europe. For years we have imported toy goods directly from the Japanese market, with a focus on the secondary market and on-demand purchase hunting for pieces hard to find.

We love the entire production from the anime and manga culture, but we are really keen on giant robots, a genre which cast a spell on us since our childhood with mecha like Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, Jeeg and many others.
When we started Toys Tower it was the typical case of passionate people who turned their hobby into a business (a happy one!).
It was under these circumstances, while collecting and doing business, that we cultivated the desire for top quality models to fill the gaps in the collections of the collectors, to get our hands on products made with the same passion that we had in our job and in our hobby.

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