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Macross Frontier the Movie 30th d Shudisuta b Box overview

Here are some pictures of the recently released Macross Frontier the Movie 30th d Shudisuta b Box. "It contains both The False Diva" and "The Wings of Goodbye." This bundled release features English subtitles in each movie and comes with two art books. The MSRP is 16,800 yen for the Blu Ray. There is also a DVD version (Region 2). Since America and Japan are part of the same Blu Ray region, these will work on a western PS3 or BD player.

Set contents.

The outer box minus the slip cover.

The two Blu Ray cases.

One contains both films while the other has the extras disc which can be played on a PS3. It is a Playview disk that contains numerous interviews, "making of" segments, character art, mecha art, and commercials.

The mecha gallery lets you look at the robots from many different angles.

Includes the world's saddest Gerwalk.

And of course there are numerous videos with Macross creator, Shoji Kawamori. Nothing on the extras disk is subtitled though. Still all of this stuff is cool to watch.

Here is an example of the English subtitles. They are professionally done and easy to read. When a character sings, the lyrics are presented in English as well.

This alternate cover for the movies is part of a tie in with Umaibou snack sticks.

"Groundwork for Macross F" contains a large amount of production art for both films.

It has things like background artwork.

Production renders for the backdrops used in the concerts.

Color references for characters and their outfits. Here is just one of the pages for Sheryl Nome.

And one for Ranka's numerous costumes.

Also Alto's swim trunks (which match his Valkyrie).

Hidetaka Tenjin's mechanical illustrations used in the films.

CGI renders of all the mecha introduced in the films.

Key drawings (genga) for the movies.

And detailed line art for the characters, mecha, and equipment.

The second art book contains promo illustrations featured on posters and in various magazines. Both of these books are thick (about 100 pages each) and well made.

The Macross Quarter with the YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie.

Ranka and Alto.

Overall I would highly recommend this set for Macross Frontier fans. This is the first new Macross production to have English subtitles and Bandai Namco has done a great service to fans outside of Japan with this release. They put their best foot forward by balancing out the usual high price of Japanese media with two great art books that help fill out the package. Hopefully this will encourage them to include English subtitles on future Macross shows.

Posted 11 June, 2014 - 14:24 by VF5SS
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