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Creature Feature Movie Photo Cards


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This is an amazing review.

This is an amazing review. You get the cards, the packaging, the posters that were mail-aways AND a scene in a movie where one appears. not only that, but if you click through, Dave scanned EVERY CARD and EVERY STICKER. An amazing feat!

As for other card sets - Would love a complete Black Hole or original Star Wars set. Did they make TRON cards also?

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Posted by JoshB on 5 March, 2013 - 12:00
Dave never fails to amaze me.

Dave never fails to amaze me. I used to read all his old reviews before he came back from his hiatus. And I've read every new once since he has been back. Some of the stuff he reviews I don't even have an interest in, but I have to tip my hat to him because his reviews are hard to top, and the next review is better than the last one. He just makes you want to read them all somehow. Maybe it is because they just scream passion and draw you in. As josh said the dedication here is ridiculous.

I got a chance to talk to Dave briefly at last year's summit and he is an awesome guy. Told me a bit about jumbos and how he started among other things. My mind is in robots so much that I forget he's a horror and monster fan too.

I am so focused on robots now, but when we were kids my little brother and I were all about Godzilla and Universal Monsters when we weren't playing with transformers. I remember the topps cards, the 25 cent machine prizes at the supermarket, you know, the crazy stuff you kind of forget (but Dave doesn't). For us, that stuff was just as cool as getting a robot back then.

We used to watch the Godzilla and or universal monster movies every Saturday afternoon on the sci fi channel and to top it off in the late 80s and early 90s our elementary school had a full set of the Universal Monsters/movies books published by Crestwood (in bright orange binding no less). Those were great because aside from the typical Lugosi and Chaney Jr. Stuff, we got to read kid versions of movies they didn't really show like The House of The Seven Gables. Simplified stories with tons of black and white screen captures. We were in heaven.

We had a lot of cool monster stuff when we were kids because if I remember correctly Universal Monsters were either still quite popular then, or had gone through a little revival lasting through the mid 90s (this is at the time when the Disney channel used to still show actual vintage scary cartoons on Halloween folks). I'll have to see if I can find anything we may have had from childhood and bring it to the summit to share. I can't promise anything because it might be long gone, but I will definitely look.

Great job Dave!

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Posted by Mr. Ginrai on 5 March, 2013 - 20:39
I only heard about those

I only heard about those Crestwood books in the last couple of years, but they seem pretty cool. Oddly, I have an unauthorized monster coloring book that features artwork not only of those, but also of the Aurora model kits and a Jack Davis drawn Frankenstein poster! Anyway, thanks for the kind words, guys. I must say I am happy with this review, even if it is something else that is maybe slightly out of place. I do think it's important (and fun!) to document all the weird stuff out there. And there must be something in the air, as trading cards seem to keep popping up lately. A guy on my Facebook suddenly started posting images of classic "Wacky Packages" and the most recent Swass-Cast that was published today was about the top 3 trading cards series! Odd synchronicity.

But fear not, I won't be bombarding you all with more trading cards. In fact, lately it's been back to robots for me as I've finally taken the plunge and started buying the Shogun Warrior diecasts. We have surprisingly few Shogun reviews on the site and I aim to change that!

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Posted by NekroDave on 6 March, 2013 - 15:55