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You must like this toy way

You must like this toy way more then I do, I honestly just bought it because I needed a head for the Evolution Daiku and if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have picked it up. It's a decent toy but certainly not worth what I paid for it, at most it's a $80 toy and in no way is it GE let alone SOC level. The magnetic joints are strong but it does the old floppy dance if pick it up and shake it. At it's core it's a decent figure I just have a huge disdain for magnetic joints, things rotate and move in ways you don't want it and no matter how good a figure it is, it will never be as stable feeling as a regular toy. It does make a great head for Daiku though, which in itself is a awesome toy.

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Posted by CHEN on 19 March, 2013 - 16:35
Daiku Maryu - opinion

Hello Chen:

What is your opinion about the Daiku Maryu? Is it worth it? I have been searching online but there are no review for it?

Love to hear your thoughts?


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Posted by silver1spider on 20 March, 2013 - 17:31
It's a pretty nice piece,

It's a pretty nice piece, definitely just a display piece since articulation is very limited and just the sheer size of it makes it both difficult to "play" with let alone display. It's so large it's sitting on top of my display cabinets since it won't fit on the shelves. A little over priced but the choices for a Daiku this size are none and it does display well with both SRC's and SOC's. I'm glad I bought it but I know I way over paid for it.

Here's a link to some pics I posted over at Robot-Japan.

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Posted by CHEN on 21 March, 2013 - 15:32
I really liked mine too...

Great review! Totally agree. I really liked my Evolution Toys Gaiking as well. It is a fun figure to fiddle with and once you have worked the shoulders enough, it is pretty easy to move the arms up and down sideways. BTW Josh, I don't see the "magnetic bolts" effect in your pictures. It did not come inside the box. It was added in the shipping box, like those effects the Ultra-Act and SRCs come with. It was in a small plastic bag. You may wanna check for it.


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Posted by The Mazinger Z on 19 March, 2013 - 18:25

Nice review Josh.
Great pics, the colors really pop. I like the gold they used for their Gaiking.
The effects parts are neat too, although I almost never display with them...

I just watched the video. Great way of giving an overview of their magnemo system.
At first I thought he was too floppy but I can see what's going on now.

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Posted by Hellbot on 20 March, 2013 - 09:02
Gaiking is so interesting...

as a Design, it almost seems utterly unique...yes there are machines that try to emulate this look like Gurren Lagann, but for some reason, Gaiking sticks out from the Getters, Mazingers, and Many other Supers in a good way...

I kinda wish this Gaiking came with some option parts based on the newer anime, like the Chest's Face-Open, but that's just personal taste and my lust for personalization in figures...but as it is, this is a WONDERFUL and rather unexpected toy...Oh, how big is it? Would it feel more at home with SRC or SoC?

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Posted by blitzkriegomega on 23 March, 2013 - 13:53
Hydro what now!?!?!?

Are you shitting me? Did you seriously call that effects part a hydro blazer and not electron chain? It's like I don't even know you man.

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Posted by mcfitch on 2 April, 2013 - 08:56


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Posted by JoshB on 2 April, 2013 - 09:37