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Leader-class Autobot Bulkhead


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I don't have any of the new

I don't have any of the new generation transformer toys (apart from a couple masterpieces and alternators). I always get confused with the different classings and everything. Back in my day there was only one version to choose from. I haven't watched any of the new series either. But next time I'm in store I may just get this guy.

Good review too by the way..

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Posted by eitlobsaboo on 13 January, 2010 - 05:05
Bulkhead is a great

Bulkhead is a great character, and the Leader class version is one of the better Animated toys. Actually, the Voyager is great too, but way out of scale with other 'Bots. Excellent review, and chair mode = OWNAGE. :)

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Posted by djinniman37 on 13 January, 2010 - 11:26

Hey, it looks like Boss from "Mazinger Z"!

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Posted by RobotBastard on 13 January, 2010 - 13:38
More like a robotic Don

More like a robotic Don Hakka, imo.

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Posted by NekroDave on 13 January, 2010 - 14:19
Is it me or...

The headmaster look like Galactus, with those horns and color...

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Posted by Berserk on 13 January, 2010 - 18:59

"The headmaster look like Galactus, with those horns and color..."

Dag-Gone-IT! I was gonna say that comment. BOOOO!



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Posted by Rodimus78 on 13 January, 2010 - 20:33
So damn true, though! A

So damn true, though! A smarmy jerk-Galactus...but Galactus nonetheless! ;)


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Posted by Sanjeev on 14 January, 2010 - 09:38
I kept holding off on these

I kept holding off on these toys but changed my mind last week when Takara Japan announced that will be releasing them with snazzier metallic styled paint jobs.

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Posted by Goldenage on 14 January, 2010 - 16:52
Bought one for my nephew...

8 years old - he had difficulty figuring out how to transform it.

So I guess I should pay attention to "Level of Transformation" over Ages 5+. ^^

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Posted by Bengus on 20 January, 2010 - 10:45
Definitely pay attention to

Definitely pay attention to the age-range they suggest, though you will find online that Trans-fan opinions about difficulties sometimes differ from the official Hasbro record. they generally just slap 5+ on Lvl 1-2 toys, but sometimes even Lvl 2 can be tricky, especially with the likes of the movie(s) lines.

Your best bet would be to ask here and we can tell you fairly quickly what the vibe is on it for the target-audience.
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 20 January, 2010 - 23:02

I'm at walmart as I write this and I found him at 20 bux on clearance. Had to pick it up looks like a fun toy.

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Posted by chachipower on 6 March, 2010 - 21:25
It is, it is.

It is, it is. =)

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 6 March, 2010 - 22:32