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SDCC Updates from Super7

That magical week you have been waiting for all year is almost here! San Diego Comic Con is less than three weeks away, and we at Super7 are ready and rarin' to go! Here are a few updates on some of the events and exclusives dropping at the Super7 Booth this year.

Stomp - Taigan Tribute!
Super7's original Snakes of Infinity Fight Figure is returning to his birthplace! The very first edition of Stomp was released at last years Comic Con, and he is back again to pay respect to his roots. SDCC 2008 will see the release of the Taigan Tribute Stomp! Cast in clear pink vinyl with red, blue, green, and silver sprays, this edition of Stomp is making a shout-out to his Grandaddy Taigan by Bullmark, one of the most amazing toys to come from Japan in the 1970's.

Squirm - Ikageruge Tribute!
Stomp will not be the sole representative of the Snakes of Infinity at SDCC 2008, but will be joined by a partner in world domination, Squirm! The second figure in the Snakes of Infinity line, Squirm has come up from the depths of the deep ocean to show San Diego he means business! Cast in white vinyl with blue, black, and silver sprays, This version of Squirm is also in town for a bit of a family reunion, and he has chosen his outfit carefully, to call out his own Grandpa, another wild toy from yesteryear, the Bandai Ikageruge! Stop by the S7 booth to see the family resemblance!

Zombie - C.O.B.R.A. Tribute!
As if two Snakes of Infinity were not enough, Super7 is very pleased to announce the debut of the third figure in the Snakes of Infinity family, the Zombie! Cast in clear blue vinyl with red, and black spray, the Zombie comes with a secret inner head, hidden under his hood. Is the Zombie wearing his Granddad's clothes as well? Come by the Super7 Booth to find out!

Skeletal Carnival 3!!
We at Super7 are very excited to once again welcome Pushead for a special SDCC Event! As in years past, Pushead will bring his trademark mix of releases shrouded in mystery, as well as jaw dropping one-of-a-kind hand-painted vinyl figures. This year however, Pushead will also be bringing a few friends along for the ride, including XXXXX XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX!!!!! Expect Insanity! Expect to be blown away! Expect the unexpected!!

With so much going on at SDCC, we at Super7 know it can be tough to keep track. To make things a bit easier on everyone, we have put everything you need to know in one handy-dandy guide. Check back often for more images and info!

See you in San Diego! Booth #4729.

Koji Harmon at Super7!!

Mark your calendars! Super7 is happy to offer a tasty dessert after the feast of Comic Con. World Class Vinyl toy painter Koji Harmon of Tokyo will be bringing some deliciously sweet Custom Painted vinyl figures, as well as a few other surprises.

Saturday, August 9th. Details soon.

Posted 6 July, 2008 - 10:42 by JoshB