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PRHI 3D Printed Reproduction Mini Blockade Runner for use with Kenner Star Wars diecast Star Destroyer

Our own Prometheum5 has a new 3D printed aftermarket part for use with your Star Wars toys available on Shapeways.  Most people today only remember the venerable 3 3/4″ Star Wars action figure and vehicle line from Kenner, but one of their cooler non-figure toys was the diecast Star Destroyer. The seven inch long hunk of Imperial might featured an opening hangar for storing an itty bitty <1″ long Tantine IV Rebel Blockade Runner miniature. The little Correlian Corvette is often missing, robbing the awesome Star Destroyer of a great play feature. Thanks to 3D printing, and a vintage sample for reference provided by a fellow collector, Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries is pleased to announce a reproduction ship available through Shapeways.  The mini ship is also avvailable with a hole in the mounting fin for all your creative projects, including jewelery and keychains.  A 2x scaled version of the sculpt without the fin is available for some pocket-sized SW ship fun!

Head on over to the Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries Shapeways Store to purchase your reproduction Blockade Runners today!


Original Kenner Star Destroyer

Original Blockade Runner accessory. 



Reproduction ship tests and final Shapeways parts.

The reproduction ship fits just right in the Star Destroyer's hangar.

Please note that the reproduction part features a distinguishing mark so as not to be confused with the original items.  The PRHI Mini Blockade Runner is meant to provide an affordable alternative to the original part, as well as a few novelty items.

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Posted 14 January, 2014 - 14:49 by VF5SS